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Have you seen a cute pattern or one skein project that would make a cute gift? Post it here!

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happy Friday!!!
I love this group, Mary. I'm so glad you are feeling more confident as a knitter. I have learned there are somethings I've been doing wrong for years, i.e. ssk and other things that I was never successful with I can now do properly, i.e. provisional cast on. I've learned tons of new methods.

Anyway, we're glad you're here.
I wasn't intending to join this, but I've just completed an "experiment" which turned out SOOOO well that I had to share it!
I tend to buy a skein or two of an attractive new yarn on the assumption that it'll come in handy for something and, with Knit Picks, I won't break the bank. When I saw Stroll, I had to get some so I bought a skein of Teatime (brown mix, basically) and started playing with it; I started a pattern stitch I found on the Red Scarf Project with size 5 needles(makes the finished item drape nicely) and have just finished a fantastic scarf " by 55"....out of one skein of yarn!!! You can't beat that! I did take two weeks, more or less, but that wasn't continuous. It's turned out fairly unisex, but the design works equally well for women and men, and my next pick will be more feminine....when I've made a slight dent in my humungous stash!
The pattern I ended with... 60 stitches; Row 1; Knit 3, purl 3, repeat to end; Row 2; Knit 1, purl1; repeat to end.Couldn't be simpler, reversible, sort of rib but not quite! Alma Hamilton
Alma, we would love it if you would post a picture.
um i just got an email that said in the subject: "Do you know there is really only 11 weeks until Christmas"

*gulp* I gotta get moving!
Don't feel alone!
Does this video make you feel like knitting? :)

And yes, those are my hands. I was the puppet master.
Makes me want to knit and dance all night long!
I just ordered the materials for Lumpy, Rosie and Slim! It's been awhile since I've picked up my needles so I hope I can still manage to remember how! I just love snowmen and they took my eye as soon as I saw them.
Its like riding a bike you never forget. Also if you need some refresher there are some great videos in the tutorial section here. I love snowmen too.
I hope so! My order should be here today or tomorrow. Thanks for the tip on the videos, I may need to check them out.
I had thought to use this idea for something additional for my tween and teenage nieces and nephews. The seed stitch bracelets from More Last Minute Gifts looked to be a great idea for those pickiest of people. I did make a test bracelet and wore it around for a few weeks to see how it held up. It did great! If I have time or am looking for something mindless I may make a few for friends.


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