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Hi everyone, I am a beginner of sorts.....pick up knitting a year ago after a LONG break.  We I purchased on Knit Picks the Impressionist Afghan.  Did I get in over my head?

Anyone else buy it?


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That's it in a nutshell!
The shrinkage depends on the yarn. If you need something to fit, like a hat or slippers, you should swatch first and base the number of sts on that, so what you make is much bigger and will end up the right size.

Here's the felted/fulled bag drying on the sweater dryer:


Here's what it looked like before it went into the washer:


It was much bigger. If you want something to fit or end up a particular size, you should do a test swatch first, and measure the size before and after, keeping a record of how many sts/in you have before and after. If you're making a bag that doesn't have to fit a particular item, you don't have to be as careful with it.

I am one of the few people I know who has felted stuff that never felts consistently -- it is so misshapen when I have tried it.  Maybe this summer I'll try again -- that is SO nice!!  Thanks Peggy!
Cathie, do a swatch about 6" x 6" or larger. Take some cotton yarn and mark a 4" x 4" swatch within it. Then felt it and measure again. Usually it shrinks more in length than in width. That really helps in figuring out how large your pre-washed object needs to be.
Good instructions!
I was told that it shrinks to about 2/3 the original size or was it 1/3.
That is a good rule of thumb, Angel Bear, but not always exactly true. It depends on the fiber content, the agitation, etc.
So now you have time for the Sgiach. It'd be so pretty for you to wear at sons wedding or to cover your head on the 4th of July as its a 50/50 chance of rain that day. Its either hot as heck or a downpour.

Guess what I found at the grocery store, just your simple ol' non healthfood grocery store.
Finncrisp. You can stock your trailer with it on your way home.
I still have a lot of other things on my to-do list! Last night I raided my pantry for groceries needed for our trip, so I could make up a shopping list.
Yippee! We can use the Finncrisp as spacers to protect the cases of wine! Oh, the Sgiach is soooo tempting! I need to stay focused, though! I just finished winding the yarn for the Bees Knees cardigan for Daphne. I must finish DBIL's prayer cardi first, though. I have two pairs of Mitts to finish for you, too. That will keep me busy on the return trip...when I'm not spinning, that is!
I wish I had someone to do the Bees Knees for! I may have to do one anyway.
I think it wilk be fun. And you can put it away. Who knows, maybe someday....


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