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Well, that would be moi! so much so, that I've just CO for a pair of mittens (never mind I live in So. Cal) I'm knitting these for more practice and because they are super cute and I love owls!
Size 0 magic loop - KP essential kettle dyed Gold & Rio de la plata Harbor Blue leftovers from my Eunice socks.

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Yes! Do they stand up on their own? LOL! --P
Haven't tried that. But it looks and feels as if it might. I only have one done. It has felted on me somewhat. I plan on another set of mittens with bigger needles and thinner yarn. These size 0's on worsted is just insane.
Thanks everyone. I hope I wasn't saying, "oh yeah, well look at my mittens". I was just trying to show you/tell you that I don't like dpns for these since I can so tell well each needle began and ended even though its not obvious anymore since they have felted somewhat on me. But no more dpns for me. No matter how hard I try I get ladders like crazy. I think this is where my hatred from dpns stems- from these mitterns. If I ever get ambitious and start the second one, I am going to use my kps size 0 circulars.
None of us were thinking you were saying "oh yeah, well look at my mittens". We're impressed that you did them on 1s.
Oops, I meant 0s.
are you kidding??? - I am in awe that you knit those cute mittens on 0's!
Seriously, I think my hand would resemble a claw if I tried that LOL!!!
Why do you think they have been hibernating since February? Ugh. My cousin suggested they be an oven mitt. I may finish the thumb on the one and then use it to keep my hand warm at dialysis, since it is always freezing ice cold.
Angel ... you just bought all those goodies to play with. Knit something you will enjoy and leave the mitten for another time! Isn't all that shiny, new yarn calling out to you??? ;)
Calling to me. More like screaming at the top of their lungs. I am actually using some of it for a pair of socks as we speak. I can't remember if I posted them in the sock progress kal or not. Here. I actually have no plans for the mitten at this time, just wanted to share my love of colorwork. Its high time I got the Christmas gifts started, and these socks are for my sister for Christmas.
Angel Bear, I think you did post this in the Sock KAL. I loved them then and still love them now!
Don't mention calling to you! OMG! There is so much stuff I want to order from KP, plus a couple of kits and yarn and books for projects in my pipeline. I'm trying not to listen. I must finish some UFOs before surgery in a month! --P
Or you could mount it as art! --P


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