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hi ppl i just join i need some cool holiday projecs i have been knitting for 7monthes some in not very good so plz and thankyou -----UPDATE----

Hey everone i hate to bug but i need some new ideas plz i need the before tomarrow plz i am starting schooltommorow so i wont have very mutch time to look stuff up i will be busy with homwork .

please and thankyou

well i guse no one wants to help so im closing this discusian soon and leving the kal

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what have you knit and could you please spell all your words out? And who are you knitting for? Family, friends, ect.
srry i was kinda in a hurry when i wrote that lol

my family
Welcome, Cameron. It's nice to have young knitters. Be patient with those of us that are a little on the old side. We do know some, but not all of the l337 shortcuts young people use.

Let us know who you are knitting for so we can direct you to projects you might like to do. You might give us the ages of people you are knitting for. I mean we don't want suggest something for an older lady when you are knitting for a younger brother, right? So just steer us in the right direction so we can help give you some ideas.
srry i was in a hurry i had to go to my big brothers school.

i am knitting for my Big bro, boy, age 14 Cousin, boy, age 20, Cousin, boy, age 22, Cousin, girl, age 17, Aunt, girl, (i dont know age), Uncle, boy, (dont know age ), Grandma, girl , age 65, Little sister, girl, age 8 , Little sister , girl , age 6.

hope that helps both me and you. =] P.S (i know it is alot of ppl that is why i am starting now lol)
For those who don't use l337 (elite spelling and yes, I had to have one of my sons interpret some of this for me):

srry: sorry
bro: brother
ppl: people
lol: Laughing out loud/lots of laughs - but I think most in this community already know that.

Okay, Cameron, now that I've interpreted for those that need help, let's see if we can make some suggestions. Do you know how to knit in the round? I think for all the guys, a simple knitted hat would be nice.

Click on these links for some simple ones I found on
Blue Hills

Here's a really good one for a 14 year old boy:
Jackyll and hide

These could be for a boy or a girl:
Klein bottle hat
Sock Monkey Hat

Here's some your aunt might like:
Noa 3-in-1

Here's one your sisters might like but it's a little more difficult:

Here's a fun one for a younger boy or girl:

Here's a nice colorful one. It's a small (only 19" circumference but we can help you figure out how to make it bigger):
Bunny Slope Hat

This one is uses bulky yarn so it should go quickly:
Beginner's Hat & Scarf

This might be something easy for your grandmother (it's bigger than a hat but I think she'd like it):
Comfort Shawl

I hope this gives you a start. If these aren't something you'd like to do, let me know and I'll try to come up with some other ideas.
i found four things in your list that i am going to do you were soooooooo helpfull

Thankyou very mutch
Hey, Cameron, that's what we're here for -- to be helpful. Be sure to keep us posted on your progress. We'd love to see pictures when you're finished.
actualy my cameras charger is lost so i might not be able to take pics i will let you know if i find it or if i buy a new one
No problem, but do keep us posted and be sure to ask for any help that you need.
Cameron, I forgot to give you a link for my favorite hat. I don't know how much you know about knitting, but I don't think it would be too advanced for you: Fish Hat [Dead or Alive?]
OMG! I so need to make that for my cousin the alaskan fisherman. He's acutally a middle school principle though. Now if I could just make it small enough for a baby. His wife is due in Dec.
That would be sooooo cute. Let us know if you need any help in converting anything. I bet we could do it. Do you know if the baby is a boy or girl?

Plus, what a great thing for a principal to wear at his school. He'd really impress the kids there.


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