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Hi everyone.  I'm an experienced knitter but have never knit lace before.  I'm attempting to knit my first shawl and after ripping it out 3 times I'm getting discouraged.  I seem to loose my way in the pattern and am unable to find where I should be, hence the rip-outs.  I've been checking off the rows as I go and note how many stitches are on the rows once completed in hope that if I loose my way I can just back-track to the start of the row and start it again.  I spent an hour last night taking out rows, counting stitches and still couldn't tell where I was supposed to be.  I'm knitting in a quiet room alone so I can give my full attention to what I'm doing.  If anyone has any advice or nuggets of info they can pass on, please do!!

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Try listening to these podcasts-  they helped me greatly:

I also have to do a smaller swatch of maybe a few repeats until I get the hang of a lace pattern before trying to do it on the real project..  Best of luck, hang in there--it is very worth it.   

Hi Julie!  So I will second or fifth the life lines and stitch markers.  I have done a shawl where the stitch markers actually didn't help because of the nature of the pattern.  It was extremely frustrating, but totally worth all of the endless counting.  One thing that I got into a habit of doing on all patterns is checking repeatedly on each row to make sure I get the YOs at the beginning, middle and end of each row.  I always seem to miss these the most.  I check the one at the beginning when I get to the middle.  I check the middle YOs when I get to the end of the row and I check for the last YO before I move my magnet up on the chart keeper.  I often check in between these once the shawl gets larger so I don't have to tink back too far in case I miss one.  Oh and using a chart keeper of some kind has also proven extremely helpful.  I checked out the pattern you are doing and it looks beautiful.  

I'll be sure to check mine.  Thanks so much.

That is one of the things about using stitch markers that hasn't been mentioned - if a YO is at the beginning or end of a repeat, sometimes YOs try to migrate into the repeat right next to it.

Hi Julie!

Kerin also has a pretty in-depth video class all about how to read lace charts. She covers and goes over a lot of info on lace knitting and charts. Hope this helps a bit, and good luck :)

Thanks, I have watched these and found them very helpful.

Thanks Jenny - this is quite helpful!

Cheryl - I'm having a similar issue now, but not with YO's rather with K2togs at the beginning of repeat. I'm making the Gable Scarf and it starts with a 4-stitch border on one side. On one row (row 7), the 4th stitch is a K2tog so it uses the first stitch of the repeat - I have to move my stitch marker over one. Then the last stitch of the entire row is a CDD, which moves everything again. The last section i did doesn't line up with the section before, so will have to frog and start again. Thank goodness for lifelines. . .

Yes, it's not fun when repeats shift that way. Keep after it, Christina, and keep using those lifelines!


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