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I think that sometimes we need a place to just chat, so I created this forum for those moments. So, what's going on?

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We had several inches of snow overnight, and more is expected. The cats won't step out the door, but dog doesn't mind. The ground is also too cold for the chickens, so they huddle near the roost. I hope everyone is staying warm. I thank God for our easy access to warmth.

Sorry I've been MIA for a long time. I didn't even get to do the sock Cal. I was making quilted items for a Multicultural women's bazaar which was last Friday, now I can breathe. I still have Christmas items to make though.

Wow, we haven't had any snow since the freak storm in Oct. It's about 65 here today.

Thank you for starting this thread, I think it's a good idea!

Had a few setbacks in the past few weeks... Lost my job, which you would think would translate into getting more done, and for a while it did, but things went kinda downhill from there, and just when I was starting to feel better, something is wrong with my cat, and she used my DVD collection as a wee-wee pad. After spending all afternoon cleaning up *that* mess, my back isn't speaking to me today, so another day lost.  I may not finish Christmas at this rate. *sigh*

Sooo sorry to hear this news. Take care of yourself. Are you looking for more work? Good luck. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers.

 Thanks, I spent most of today in bed, and should be okay for tomorrow. (:

 I'm waiting until after the holidaze before looking for work.  It makes more sense than starting a job, then having to take days off, with the benefit that everyone that only worked to have money for the holiday will be gone, and they'll need to fill those positions. (: 

Hope things are going better!

Positive energy and hugs being sent to you.

Temp was down to  0* last night., but the sun is shining today.  We've had a few tracesof snow, but not much.  If it stays this cold with no snow on the ground, I imagine some of our neighbors will be fighting to keep their pipes from freezing again this year.

I'm still working on spinning projects for hire that keep getting pushed back when I need them done yesterday!  And I'm still working on my Fantasm shawl. =P  I did half a row yesterday while Dinky-Do worked on her crochet project.  Maybe I'll get mine done by this time next year!

The sun finally came out, and you can see that the Sandia Mountains are completely white (you kind of have to ignore the clouds.) But we're supposed to get more snow tonight.

Great pic!

Well, after spending all day in bed, I can say with confidence that barring sleeping wrong, I should be better tomorrow... And #2 son found a missing holiday gift, YAY!  #1 printed some of the covers I needed after the sick cat PEED all over my DVD collection... For a Monday, this turned out okay!

"For a Monday, this turned out okay!"

lol  Good for you! =)  Glad you were able to start this week on a better note than last week ended.


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