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Welcome to the Learn to Knit KAL! Tell us something about yourself. Why do you want to learn to knit? Or, if you're already a knitter, how did you learn?

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I'm glad I caught this before I turned off my computef! I see why you were confused. I make my gauge swatch first. Then I sew the vertical rows of stitches so I have something to use to measure. Sometimes the yarn gets fuzzy after washing and it's harder to see the stitches for measuring. I hope this helps!
Peggy when you sew the stitch on top you use the same yarn only different color ??? thank you i will try to do one.
You can use the same kind but a different color or you can use a different yarn or heavy thread. You can also put a safety pin in each position instead. Just be sure you close it securely before washing your swatch. Some people don't bother with this, and it really is optional, but I think it makes it easier to tell where the stitches are. I should point out that each knit stitch looks like a V. A vertical row of stitches will look like a lot of Vs, each one standing on the one below. It the V is upside down, you are looking at one leg each of two side-by-side stitches...or you have your work upside down. Each leg is half of the stitch, so when you count the stitches, you count 2 legs = 1 stitch. Crochet stitches vary in appearance. You have to look at them as you make them to know how to count. If you can see them on the top of your swatch, they usually look like knit stitches lying down.I hope I haven't confused you! Let me know if you need more help.
thank you Peggy for all your help.
My pleasure! People helped me when I was learning!
Hi I'm Holly and I'm a young mother and a hooker. I crochet, please don't throw yarn balls and needles at me! Heehee. I really want to learn to knit because I've seen several patterns for beautiful projects that I can only find in knit. Also, knitting seems like a completely different fiber art form, with a much different look than crochet. I would love to learn! I want to do as much crocheting (and knitting when I learn) for charity as possible. I think it's wonderful to be able to apply a creative hobby to a good cause. My only impediment lies in funding. My budget is a little tight, so I can't buy supplies or needles. I'm using a hand me down hook set, and gifted yarn to do the projects I do now. Knitting needles and supplies are on my Christmas list this year! I hope someone gets them for me so I can start learning! I've been really good this year! I want the Harmony needles badly, they're so pretty and I'm sure I'll need the yarn control being a beginner. However, I am going to happily and gratefully use whatever someone is nice enough to get me! I'm guessing that my mother-in-law might get me the metal ones from Wal-Mart this year for Christmas. Any pointers on learning to knit with metal needles? Any advice for dealing with slickness and loss of yarn control that may occur? I hope you guys don't mind that I joined early, I kind of wanted to get a little advice and be prepared before hand. Hopefully I will be able to start my first knitting project after Christmas! :)
Holly, we are so glad to have you! For every crocheter who wants to learn to knit, there is a knitter wanting to learn to crochet, so you have come to the right place! You can learn to knit with metal needles just fine! Just hold on to your knitting, and it will be fine. You might look at thrift stores for yarn or sweaters you can take apart. (Look for sweaters knit in the round, or back and forth without cutting at the seams for continuous yarn. If someone wants to get you something from KP, the Zephyr sets are an excellent buy. I have needle tips in all three compositions and I like them all for different purposes, but for starting out, I recommend the Zephyrs, if you have a fairy godmother. Wool of the Andes worsted and bulky are also a good buy and very nice to work with. (I'm just now starting a hat with it now!) Let us know if we can help you with anything when you get started!
Peggy's advice is always right on the money. I would only add that probably most of us learned on metal needle and are none the worse for wear. As far as Walmart goes, I have had years where everything that I purchased for my yearn habit came from Walmart, Target, Hobby Lobby or Michael's Crafts and ONLY when they are having sales. And, if you are interested in wood-type needles all those affordable outlets sell bamboo needles and I rather like them!

I think that you will like the experience! Stick around here with questions.
Cathie, thanks, but not always! Always read my advice with a critical eye!
Peggy : Thank you for the warm welcome! I have seen very little yarn at thrift stores around here. However, I had never thought about taking sweaters or other knitted items apart for yarn. I'll have to look into that. I've seen the Zephyrs and I thought they might work well, it's so hard to make a decision when all the needles offered are good in different ways. Maybe someday I'll be able to get them.

Cathie: I live in a small town. There is a Wal-Mart Super Center about 45 minutes away in another city. I'd have to drive an hour into Panama City or Tallahassee to get to a Target, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, or Joanne's. I don't really have the gas to do that right now. The only place that sells yarn or fiber supplies in this town is Alco. I buy there when I can manage when they have a sale. I've seen bamboo needles. What are the perks of bamboo? I would imagine that they're light and have most of the benefits of wooden needles. Another thought that crossed my mind for bamboo needles. Pandas eat bamboo. The bamboo forests are slowly disappearing and these pandas are going extinct. How ethical is it then to use bamboo for a hobby? I'm sorry to sound like a hippie, but I try to be environmentally knowledgeable. I'm heavily interested in anything humanitarian, involving humans or animals. Charities to feed hungry children, making soup and blankets for a homeless shelter, volunteering to rescue abused pets, raising awareness to stop the depletion of habitat for endangered animals. I'll do it all with enough time and funds. So I was just wondering about the bamboo needles.

Thanks for all the great advice both of you! I look forward to learning from helpful and experienced knitters like yourselves!
Good for you, wanting to be responsible in your choices. We would have to check into it, but I believe that bamboo is a grass and grows very fast, so maybe harvesting for needles wouldn't remove it from the environment but rather encourage growing it. I wonder if anyone else knows about it. If so, I hope they will let us know. Bamboo fiber is another issue. It often is processed usong toxic chemicals, but I think there is some available that isn't, but I'm not an expert on that, either! (My minipoo Sunny and I do pet therapy at a local nursing home, and I carry nonperishable food in my car to give out to the homeless if I encounter them.)
Oh wow! That is awesome Peggy! I see a few homeless people holding signs now and then and it hurts me that I have nothing to give them. My boyfriend always reminds me that a few of them are scam artists. "But what if the one I just passed wasn't? What if he/she's had a hard time and needs help?" is what I always think. I never thought of keeping food items in the car to hand out. Our budget is extremely tight right now, so it's hard for me to not be able to do anything. When things improve I will definitely be more involved though. Thanks for the idea!


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