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Welcome to the Learn to Knit KAL! Tell us something about yourself. Why do you want to learn to knit? Or, if you're already a knitter, how did you learn?

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Cheryl: What motivates you to finish? With me, it's a mixture of guilt, desire for the finished object and pride. --P
Probably all those, but mostly guilt! Unless it's a promised gift that I have to get finished.
I'm Brett the Web Guy. Its intimidating to start out knitting surrounded by people who could knit in their sleep, but they've all been very helpful as I start my Hat & Scarf kit.


Glad to see you are trying your hand at knitting. And it looks like you've gotten off to a good start. I see you are using quality knitting tools, so that will make it much easier. We can't wait to see your finished hat and scarf.
Very, very nice work for a newbie! It's nice to see you are no longer just behind the scenes. You do a great job keeping this site going.
Brett: Welcome! I love that I have a male knitter in my local (i.e. "real life") knitting group. I find that he adds a perspective that would be missing otherwise. Math, music, foreign languages and knitting all take the same kind of intelligence. I'm sure you're good at several of these, which gives you a leg up! Thanks for all you do for us. I hope we can return the favor! Oh, and if I ever knit in my sleep, shoot me! --P
Brett, I don't knit in my sleep, but I have definitely dreamed about knitting. A lot (it's a stress thing, I think). I don't generally consider it something that gives me more knitting street cred, but rather a sign that I need to take a break for a few days.

Anyway, welcome to the club! I can't wait to see your finished hat and scarf. :)
I like to knit while I lay in bed.
I think in the movie Like Water for Chocolate, the heroine knits a scarf while she lays in bed, maybe even while she sleeps, later she has a scarf so long it trails after her for miles as she rides away anneKat
I love movies and books with knitting in them, even ones that just feature knitted items.
And audiobooks with knitters and knitting in them! --P
One of my favorites with knitting is the 1934 version of The Scarlet Pimpernel with Leslie Howard. It is very true to the book by Baroness Orczy. I just listened to the book.
Cheryl: So did I! Now I'm listening to The Elusive Pimpernel. What would I do without Librivox! --P
That is one of the ones next on my list!


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