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I got this idea from a group on Rav. 


 My Playtime cardigan is 70% finished and my round yoke topdown, colorwork sweater is 75% done.  I'm in the mood to make some holiday, small gifts today.  Deer head keychain, piggie key chain and maybe start the stockings.  I'm also balling up two hanks for another pair of cable socks I'll start soon.

Hmmm, need to get tonights supper in the crockpot, too.

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Every time you rip just means more fiber pleasure without spending more money.

LOL! Or aggravation because it *ISN'T WORKING"!  Hmmm, I hate when an idea slaps me upside the head... Thanksalot Anna!  

Cheryl, I went out the other day without any yarn work because we weren't supposed to really be stopping anywhere, ended up getting tires, and I was SO lost without it while waiting!  If I'm sitting, I'm yarning. (:

I often keep a mindless project in the car such as socks or a simple scarf. Not any pattern I want finished right away, just something for "just in case!"

Was in moms car. We were just dropping the girl off at the vets office, and going to breakfast, but they wanted to hold her a while, so we ended up at a service station.


A new month already, and a new year approaching fast.

Share your 12-2-2011 WIPs on hook or needle.

I finished my chunky, chic hobo bag today except I still need to do the lining.  Had to rip back 10 rows this pm, on one knee sock. I totally overlooked a hole, where I dropped like 3 stitches.  Should be caught back up to the other sock tomorrow. (cuff row 37)

Still not up to working the sweaters, so they are still on hold.  Want to start a pillow size amigurumi dog for Sam (our dog).  He's finally getting the message our pillows aren't hump toys.


Only thing new is that  I've finished one sock and have started the second. So many projects, so little time.

Diana your hobo bag is darling. I can't wait to start on my crochet Booga Bag that I'm going to felt with the yarn I dyed. Felted Booga Bag.

I think you may have coined a new phrase. I can see them flying off the market shelves: Doggie Hump Toys--For that Special Pet.

I shared this story on Rav, so Diana, you've seen it already: I go on Thursday mornings to a senior center to play the piano with other seniors. (BTW, I barely qualify for being a senior, if you know what I mean.) I had encouraged one of the women with her crocheting, and she has just taken off with it. I was working on my sock, sorta underneath the table, and she says to me, “Doncha think crocheting is kinda addicting? I hardly practice my piano anymore.” I just wanted to bust out laughing, because I hardly practice either. I can’t seem to play with a hook in my hand.

Then after piano, my friend called wanting to have lunch. We usually chat while I crochet and she knits. Well, wouldn't you know the only project I had with me was the socks I was working on for her. How do you explain that! Luckily I had my cribbage board with me and we played cribbage. She was relieved herself because she hadn't brought anything with her to knit.

Y'all have a nice weekend.


Cute felt bag.

The pattern name is TLC Amore Hound Pillow.  Started laughing as I added it to projects....amore is a fitting name.

cracking up!!!

Toooooo cute!

On the hook: Amore Hound Pillow 25-30% done, Playtime cardigan 75%, Round Yoke, colorwork,Topdown Sweater 75%.

Current Passion- Annette Petavy's Fingerless Gloves(4 designs, I like lacy sheell the best, all are nice); qued additional fingerless glove styles I think Katie and Felicia might like.


Have a great weekend.

Started to crochet a pair of slipper socks, not pleased with the way it was looking so instead, found 2 needle yoga socks (as opposed to the dp 3 needle circular approach which I don't have time to play with until I get it right) that I can just make longer in the foot, and sew closed the toe, and crochet in a heel.  So far, so good.


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