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I got this idea from a group on Rav. 


 My Playtime cardigan is 70% finished and my round yoke topdown, colorwork sweater is 75% done.  I'm in the mood to make some holiday, small gifts today.  Deer head keychain, piggie key chain and maybe start the stockings.  I'm also balling up two hanks for another pair of cable socks I'll start soon.

Hmmm, need to get tonights supper in the crockpot, too.

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I QUIT!!!!!!!!!  I followed the pattern, I cast off in the rib pattern, and even *I* can't get my foot through the opening, much less Sasquatch!  The whole rest of the sock is fine, but the frikken opening won't stretch far enough. ):  This is why I hate Christmas.

Boy, you sound frustrated. I got so frustrated with the slippers I was trying to make---using 3 different patterns---that I finally quit on them too.  Can you take the rib down to just above the ankle and have ankle socks? I can't remember who you were making them for. Well, besides Sasquatch.

Wish I could wave a magic wand and fix it for you. 

Thanks ladies.  They *are* just above the ankle, and if I end up having time after I get this next "whatthehellwasIthinking" project done, I'll try to take out the last row, and add stitches around the ankle. (I bought my mom a digital picture frame, and I'm scanning pictures from our albums... all 7 ranging from 68ish through about 5 years ago...)  And here I thought that this year I wouldn't be crafting through Christmas Eve...

Okay. I need help!  *Again*!  A few years ago, I couldn't help myself, and bought one of Knit Picks Sheldon the turtle kits.  It's sport weight yarn, and they want me to put SIX freaking stitches on dp sz 3!  I'm not sure I can use dp with 18st with regular weight yarn!  But I desperately want to give it to #1 son for graduating HS, since he's such a huge fan of the show "The Big Bang".  Do you have any tips that I can use only 2 needles until there are more stitches to work with?

What about using magic loop?

A what now?   No idea what that is.  Assume you're talking to a novice... Oh wait... You are! (:

This is a knit pattern, right?

Magic Loop is method of knitting in the round and can be used instead of DPNs.

Well, that looks like a ton of work, but a heck of a lot less annoyance than the dpn! Thanks, and I think I even have a set of sz 3's....

I started using magic loop because I was tired of taking a pair of socks as a travel project only to find a needle would get left behind and I couldn't knit.

I couldn't figure it out, so I did the first 3 rows in crochet, then picked up on the dpn, body is done, need to do the limbs, and shell now... *sigh*

Here's a KP tutorial on magic loop.

And here is a YouTube tutorial.

Hope this helps.


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