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Share with us, 'Your Work in Progress' (WIP).

I got this idea from a group on Rav. 


 My Playtime cardigan is 70% finished and my round yoke topdown, colorwork sweater is 75% done.  I'm in the mood to make some holiday, small gifts today.  Deer head keychain, piggie key chain and maybe start the stockings.  I'm also balling up two hanks for another pair of cable socks I'll start soon.

Hmmm, need to get tonights supper in the crockpot, too.

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Still working on/off graphing the horse and thinking about changes needed in the stocking pattern to accomadate this WIP.

Started the toe on a cable sock pattern by Nicole.  Other wips on hold for now.

Chilly AM. 

What's on your hook or needle this Friday?

Found patterns for the Penguins of Madagascar, and I'm working on Skipper for the #2 son. (:  Can't seem to find the pattern I wrote out for Domo-Kun, so I'll be looking for that too.

I don't think I've crocheted for two days :(, but I meet with the Albuquerque Crochet Club today so should get some work done on the NH pal shawl. This is s group that a woman started on Rav. So far there a four members. I got a LA book last night at Joann's for 30% off with cute slippers. I plan to make some to go with the shawl. Started the toe on the socks for my friend. Ruffled scarf on hold. I don't like the way it is coming out. I want the ruffles to be closer together

Well, we all know I don't have anything on a hook! And I haven't been knitting for several days. I've been rearranging furniture, books, knitting, spindles, and all things fiber. It is now just my DH and me in our house. So I have taken over one of the bedrooms for my fiber studio and the other extra bedroom will be taken over for for my DH's study. So even though I haven't been getting anything fibery done, I am preparing for it. I just ordered a spinning wheel, but it won't ship until February. That's okay. I have plenty to finish up for now. And, yikes! February will be here in just a few months!

In the mean time, last Sunday, I did finish up 2 baby sleep sacks with matching hats for my twin great-nephews who keep threatening to arrive early. My sister took them to the mama-to-be on Monday. She has been staying with the mama-to-be during the week since activities have been limited until the twins arrival.

Congrats!  I was just doing that tonight, finding patterns, punching holes, arranging...


Sounds wonderful.  A room just for all your fiber and related items.  Your own studio.  I organize and re-organize periodically.  It helps put all my wanna start projects in perspective.  Re-arranged my yarn not too long ago.  Still have plenty from all the good sales but I want more...certain colors, eye candy that calls to me.  bwg

What a bunch of slackers we are! Nothing all week? (:
Tonight I worked my eyes crossed ripping out the whole front section of the penguin, and rebuilding it, but it's done,  Now all I need to do is sew all the pieces on, if I don't decide to rip out, and re-work the beak too. ( Pics after the weekend!  Then I have some stars, and more flakes, and to finish Domo-kun, and I'm done with the yarn portion of the holidaze. (:  Of course, that doesn't mean I'm not going to make a bunch of amis for the donation box, and a few more pairs of slippers...

Still you have been busy.

Busy, just not up to posting alot.

Dumped my Nicole cable sock and working on a pair of knee highs since last night. (using the other cable pattern,Twist n Shout). (like it more)  Finished 3 ami dolls for local toys drive and deer for myself.  He watches me crochet.  Very attentive.

Still waiting for me are 2 sweaters.  Temps jumped back into 70s, but soon to go back to 50s then I'll be re-inspired to finish them.  Plus it's giving me time on how I want to progess.  :-)

Until the last few days, our lows have been in the 70s.

t was 60 here today, I actually opened all the windows and turned off the heat just to air the place out.  I hate it being too cold to have open windows.  Being the end of November in Upstate NY, I guess I'm going to have to resign myself to this being the last of the open window days. ):

I finished my nursing home shawl, and have ripped out about 3 different slippers I'm trying to make to go with the shawl. It's due tomorrow! Think I'll make fingerless gloves instead like I did for the man that is getting the lapghan. Once these are packed off, I can start working on the socks for my friend.


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