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I got this idea from a group on Rav. 


 My Playtime cardigan is 70% finished and my round yoke topdown, colorwork sweater is 75% done.  I'm in the mood to make some holiday, small gifts today.  Deer head keychain, piggie key chain and maybe start the stockings.  I'm also balling up two hanks for another pair of cable socks I'll start soon.

Hmmm, need to get tonights supper in the crockpot, too.

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These are what I'm talking about... feel free to steal any helpful ones if you can post them to other sites... Thanks!

My GM used to make those. I still have one intact. I think she got them from the Herrschner's catalogue

Check out this one. Beautiful!

I know I saw some sites, but I can only find the one now, and can't seem to find the right combo of words on google to get to the sites I want. I can't for the life of me figure why my dad, who has severe neurapathy in his hands, wants to know, but I was also hoping to inspire my mom. She used to make at least one per year, but my kids would get into everything when they were little, now that they're older, I think she should get back into it.

I just finished the nursing home pal lapghan and fingerless gloves. Working now on NH pal shawl. Also, have dyed some yarn and am making ruffled scarf for DD with it. Socks for friend. Finished Crobaktus for mother. Son wants beanie with fake beard. Want to make some booties for Knitting For Nutrition.

What a sweet helper!

I do think your little ewe is darling.

Here is the progress on the Nursing Home Pal Shawl, which is the Blue Jean shawl using Pound of Love. About half done.

Then the spiral scarf I'm making for Molly out of the yarn I dyed with Koolaid. I'm calling it "Drinking Pinot Grigio With a Straw" in reference to something we shared. :) I hope I have enough yarn to finish it. I don't relish ripping it out and starting over. Chaining that much is very slow going, and then all those double crochets...


Love Molly's scarf! Your dye job really turned out nice.

I'm not even going to ask how you got the colors to be different, but aren't you worried about it washing out?

The dye is surprisingly permanent!

Very, very cool. I don't suppose it works on acrylic?


Koolaid works only on animal fibers. I'm also looking into icing food colors, as you can get a really wide range of colors.

Cool dye job.


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