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Please post your finished socks here. Here are my finished Eunices. I used the Essential in Dusk and this is a great pattern. I also did a three needle bind off for the toes instead of the kitchener stitch. I am really pleased with these socks, even though in the begining I wasn't too thrilled with the color, but now I am loving these socks.

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That is a true tribute to your grandmother.
Completed blue socks with side cable attached
Phyllis: Hey, those are great socks! Fantastic! -P
I really like those! Congratulations.
Finished my first pair of socks knit with actual sock yarn! My best friend was glad to model them before she whisked them away back to her house, which is much too far away from mine.

They're Cat Bordhi's Eyelet Anklets (but I made them a bit higher) in Knitpicks Palette Eggplant. I am now in love with knitting socks, and my fingers are impatient for my next order to arrive later this week! I've decided to make socks for most of my family for Christmas, and I have to admit, it's purely selfish: I get to knit and knit and knit and enjoy making them. :) Hopefully, they'll all like wearing them.
Amanda: I assume you made them for your friend. Otherwise, it would be rather rude to model them for you and not give them back! Gor-ge-ous socks! I think I want every Cat Bordhi book! I have eggplant kettle-dyed. I think it would be good for this pattern, too! --P
I did make them for her, but about ten seconds after giving them to her, I made her put them on so I could take pictures. :) They're one size too big for my feet, otherwise I would have put them on for pictures right away! I was so excited to show everyone. :)
Amanda: She's lucky they didn't fit you! --P
Amanda, those are really cute. One of my favorite colors.
Amanda, great job and love the color will have to put in a order for some Knit Pick sock yarn the end of September after I finish the sock yarn I all ready have. Needless to say, I'm trying to keep my stash some what manageable. LOL.;) Because my major project this month was to display the yarn I have as suggested in an Interweave article this month. But at least I have managed to knit up the bulk of my cotton yarn and with any luck will complete the sock yarn I have by mid September. So by the latest the end of September is reward time and I'm going YARN SHOPPING!!!! All this control is starting to really hurt. :) :)
My yarn hurts in the pocketbook, but is so comforting to the touch.
What's the point of control? It's so much fun to dig around in the stash and find stuff you've forgotten you had. --P


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