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Please post your finished socks here. Here are my finished Eunices. I used the Essential in Dusk and this is a great pattern. I also did a three needle bind off for the toes instead of the kitchener stitch. I am really pleased with these socks, even though in the begining I wasn't too thrilled with the color, but now I am loving these socks.

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Another attempt to unstick.
Very nice. I'm not sure I'm quite ready to tackle one of Cookie A.'s patterns yet. We'll see. I've finished one pair of socks and have turned the heel (top down) on sock two of the UFO pair, but it's been too killer hot to put them on to take pictures. I know it will be cold enough that I'll be wanting to put on wool socks soon enough, but it's really hard to imagine right now. We're supposed to be getting a cooling trend this coming week, and I should be able to get some pictures then. I'm hoping to have the UFO pair done in the next few days.
I wasn't sure either if I was ready for it, but I really wanted a pair of Sunshines so I tackled them, only they are too big. Errrr. So I tried again with these and the fit is much better. Some of the patterns are still beyond my skill at the moment, but I hope to do Cauchy for my father, which is a pretty simple pattern. I am either going to use the russet essential tweed or the green tweed one.
Oooh, I like both of those colors. I have a pair of the Yarn Harlot's Earl Grey in Essential/Stroll Soot Kettle Hand-dyed for my DH. I wanted to have them for our anniversary. But I don't think I'll have them anywhere near ready by Tuesday since I'm just on the ribbing! LOL. Oh, well, it won't be the first gift I've given that are still on my needles!
Now I can't wait to finish my Kristis! I can post them in the Sock Innovation KAL and here as well. Stay tuned...

I'm wearing them on the last leg of the trip...tomorrow! --P
Very nice Peggy. Are you home yet? Whats next on your cookie list?
I really like the way the kettle-dyed turned out. I'm doing some kettle-dye in Soot. There is not nearly as much variegation in the black as in this. I like how they fit around the toes. I think they are perfect for tomorrow's ride home.
I have to look at the book and decide which sock to do next. There are several I want to make, but I should do a pair for DH, as he puts up with so much because of my knitting. I have some Imagination in Woodsman that would be nice. If I use a pattern from Cookie's book, I may have to make some modifications to get it to fit his big, manly feet. We should get home tonight.--P
I'm working on a pair for my DH right now. I went with Stroll kettle-dyed in Soot. I'm using the Yarn Harlot's Earl Grey pattern. I'm not sure if the cabling is going to show up very well in the Soot. We'll see.
I plan on making the Cauchy for my father and just omit the picot edging on the cuff. Haven't thought far enough out to think about the sizing issue. He's got size 12 feet. He picked out the Lumberjack tweed for his color.
So the Lumberjack tweed is the appropriate color for size 12s? Actually, I really like that color. I have several of those also. Maybe I should get some of that color. In fact I think one of my boys wears a 13.


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