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OK, I just finished the knitting and BO... Here it is.

I laid the buttons on the sweater to give you an idea of how cute this will be finished.

I have a few errands to run, but will finish the sewing and weaving in ALL the ends. --S

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I didn't realize she works for Nike. I vote for running shoes for buttons.

If I can find them! She's in charge of their charitable donations dept.

I found footballs, but they only had one card with two buttons. I think the duckies work well, though.

Here's my latest BSJ:

The buttons are little duckies. The sun was too bright for them to show up, so I'll have to get another photo. This BSJ used Swish DK in Grain Heather and Cinnamon (no longer available). 

He is going to be very well dressed!

Beautiful work, Peggy.  Where did you get the pattern for the hood & hats?

The hood is in the Schoolhouse Press pamphlet with the BSJ instructions. The tie is just applied I-cord. The hat is this: CO about 78 sts, join in the end, K until you have 5.5-6.5 inches, depending on size, do a round of K1, K2tog, then K2tog until you have about five sts left. Work I-cord for a few inches and tie in a knot, or just run the yarn through the sts on the needle and tie off. The brim rolls up, and you and roll it up or down to make it larger or smaller. Great mindless knitting. I did one in the dark once, proving I can still knit if I lose my sight. You can make them larger or smaller by using thicker or thinner yarn, adding or subtracting sts from the CO, etc.

I have the pamphlet (& the DVD) but I haven't made one with a hood yet so I was wondering if that was the same one or something you made up on your own.  I don't remember seeing patterns for those hats though, where did you get the pattern?

I improvised it from a pattern from a NSLYS. (We have no LYSs in Park City.)

Deborah, click here for some versions which include a hood.

Thanks for the link.  I will definitely check out some of those variations on our theme :)

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