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Does fingerless mitts count in this kal? Well if so here goes.

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Why not? Very pretty color and they look good!
Angel Bear, these are beautiful!!!

Becky, were you the one asking about cables and gauge earlier? Well, maybe Angel Bear has an answer. ♥c
What was the question?

These were super quick. Started mon or tues and just finished. They go off in the mail to my ravelry swap partner on monday. The yarn is Pure by SWTC, I think. Anyways its 100% soysilk and sport wt, just about the thickest yarn I ever use. And thanks Cheryl, they will be living closer to you than to me. My swap partner lives somewhere in TX. Don't remember where exactly right now.
Well, Angel Bear you are probably correct, but Texas is pretty big. I'm not bragging and don't want to offend any Alaskan. Just want others to know how big Texas is. El Paso, Texas [the most western city in Texas] is closer to Los Angeles [803 miles] than it is to Orange, Texas [on the east side of Texas] [857 miles].
She's from Round Rock, TX. And yes I know TX is a big state. It still closer to you than to me.
Actually Round Rock is near the middle of Texas my first 2½ years of college were about 15 miles from Round Rock. It has really grown because Dell Computers are in the northern part of Austin, and Round Rock is about 15 miles from Austin. You can no longer tell where Austin ends and Round Rock begins. There are lots of Dellionaires in that area. ♥c
My cousin got her masters in Austin. We got a HP factory or something in Corvallis, OR and Intel here. So are you in the middle of the state or on the edges?
I'm in Houston, about 3 to 3½ hours southeast of Round Rock. So yes you are right, I will be closer to these beauties. We are about 50 miles from Galveston which is on the Gulf of Mexico. Since HP purchased Compact, we have some HP facilities here in Houston. But, yes, I've been on the phone to Corvallis, many a time. They always managed to fix my problems.
Yes I did ask about cables and gauge. My question is here in case Angel Bear has a different answer than you.
Depends on how many cables. Small ones I wouldn't worry about it too much. Cables don't stretch as much as say lace patterns do, so as Cheryl said in the other forum, swatch. Since I hate to swatch, I usually just start the pattern and if it fits, it fits if not, I frog it. That way my swatch, if it works, really isn't a swatch.
I love the simplicity of the traveling stitch on the heather yarn. Those are gorgeous. You make me want to cast on again but my mittens are done and I'm doing the Absinthe sock in Lantana and a model for an IDP so no more mitts for the moment.

I like that yarn. I think some of the Palette heathers could work as well (I have some in my stash.)

Cheryl, you are in TX?
Yep, Gwynedd, I'm in Texas. Aren't you in Delaware? Spring is certainly here. I'm afraid that summer is just around the corner. Wonder how long I can hold off on turning on the air conditioner.


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