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Just wondering out of curiosity what fiber you all enjoy spinning the most and why?

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we can do a special "group" episode of My Strange Obsession - "Women who love to sniff Wool". ha ha ha ha

SOL while rotfl!  This is hilarious! 

Remember how Carin on Knit Wits podcast loved to sniff scotch tape? Oh, how I miss them.

No I don't recall that one, but then again I've not listened to all of them.  Maybe I should go back and listen from the beginning.  I know she made a post recently on ravelry (I think) about not posting anything lately.   I enjoy listening to them while spinning out on the porch. 

You can include me in that group...I love the smell of unprocessed wool...just as long as there is not really nasty stuff in it :))

Oh I know what you mean.  There's nothing better than feeling and smelling fibers.  I call it "my precious" - lol.  I don't even come close to having as much stash as you, or even others here, but I do so love it.  But I was talking with a fellow guild member yesterday while at Markey Day, and concluded she had the right idea - at least in theory - we'll see if I can put it into practice.  She said she now only wants to concentrate on spinning what she has, to enjoy that experience, see what she learns from it, then purchase more.  She doesn't want to have so much just to have it sitting around.  In theory I think this is great, but like a fiberholic, I see something pretty, that I don't already have, and I feel the need to try it out.  Ah, control and balance, something I struggle with when it comes to fiber - lol. 

LOL Julie! i do the same thing - if I use too much of a certain wool (even if it's just dyeing it up to put on the shoppe) i get panicky and want to order more. the heart-breaker is when that particular wool is out of stock then panic really sets in! (same for yarn - i once had to wait 2 months to finish a pair of socks because i ran out of the yarn and it was out of stock on knitpicks. then i stocked up and now that particular color is out of stock again!). can't. . . run. . . out. . . of. . . wool . . . .

It sounds like I'm in good company!!!

OMG!  I have been jonesing to do some dyeing and tried to order some KP WotA and it's still backstocked.  Okay, so, I know they said May, but that hopeful little voice in my head told me to check it just in case.  I had some "mystery fleece" that I think is at least part merino that I had washed but never flicked out.  So I spent some time doing that.  Got 4oz and spent the better part of a day dyeing fleece and tie-dyeing t-shirts with the kids.  None of it came out as expected or planned (fleece or shirts) but they all still turned out awesome and we had a blast at the same time.  Can't beat that.  But still want to do more dyeing.  Trying to convince my DH that we need a new crockpot so I can use the old one for dyeing.  Of course, he doesn't know my ulterior motives.  Muahahahaha.

Oh, and whatever the mystery fleece is, I'm loving it.  I haven't spun nearly as many types as all y'all. Many breeds just went on my "to find and spin in the future" list.  ;0)  But I have to say that I enjoy my alpaca, the KP rovings, llama, and corridale/finn/rambouillet blend.  

Out of curiosity, I was talking to someone in my guild who had ordered some Yak.  Has anyone worked with that?

Oh, yes... I did Yak, Cashmere and Cameldown summer before last... I blended it with silk first... here is a pic of the finished yarn. It's really a bit darker brown than this. Almost black.

and here is the shawl I made from all three... it is still one of my fav shawls.  I call it my Cashcamyak shawl... neat name, huh?


Did you blend it because the yak is scratchy?  I love the color and it looks squishy.  Love the shawl, too!

Oh, no... the yak is anything but scratchy.  My DD gifted me the three fibers plus some mulberry silk... I decided to blend it to include it all in one piece, and to tie the three fibers (yak, cashmere and camel down) together with the silk... sort of a design decision I guess.


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