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Just wondering out of curiosity what fiber you all enjoy spinning the most and why?

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I know where you can get some beautiful cormo.  I saw some CVM yesterday, but I managed to not buy it.  I was tempted, but it was more than I wanted to spend at the time, and was a large fleece, so more work too.  But it was beautiful!

Cormo is expensive. Wendy can you share your source for Cormo?

oh yes! please share. my cormo came in and it's beautiful but has a small amount of VM, so i'm thinking it's not commercially processed (?). and any CVM sources would be great too!

Ok ladies,here is the source for Cormo.  I bought some from her Oct. 2010, and loved this stuff.  It is very clean as is all her fiber.  She is very knowledgable, funny and friendly.  She is very willing to help you, and has taken the time both years I've gone to the fiber festival she was partcipating in to help me with my spinning.  Even if it wasn't her fiber.  I highly recommend her.  It is expensive, but so worth it. 

Christina, I know I posted a CVM vendor for Peggy sometime this past year, but I don't remember where I got the info, or which thread it was in.  Still looking. 

Thanks Wendy! Her wool looks amazing - and all sold out!

Oooooo, I cannot decide, so far I have loved them all!  Finn, alpaca, falkland, bfl, silk, KP's WotA, targhee, a romney/lincoln cross, cormo.  I just bought a small Icelandic lamb fleece yesterday that I am very excited to prepare and spin!  But I also have some merino, shetland, jacob, suffolk, milk protein, polwarth, an 18 count merino/bombax (sp) silk blend, a merino/seacell/banana blend, angora, and a few more I know I'm forgetting to list.  Oh yes, I also bought some beautiful mohair yesterday.  She said it is not quite kid mohair, but it is not yearling mohair either.  It leans more towards the kid range - and is out of this world gorgeous.  And after seeing my fellow knitting guild friend's lincoln fleece the other night, would love to try that as well.  I just love fiber!  Hello, my name is Wendy, and I am a fiberholic!

Yea, you got it bad!  Real bad!

SOL!  Yes I do.........

Don't we all???  LOL  I'm with Wendy on that one!

Boy can I relate!!!!  Sometimes I just love to take out my fiber stash and feel and smell it.  I even love the smell of freshly shorn wool.  I must have at least 20 Romney fleeces upstairs in our workroom and I have several tubs of assorted fiber, BFL, Finn, Merino, Shetland, CVM/Romeldale, Alpaca, Cashmere, Mohair, Angora, Jacob and I just got back a large box of Rambouilet that I had processed (combed).  If I start to use up too much I get panicky and have to replace it.  Maybe there's a place for me on the tv show "My Strange Obsession" LOL.

Maybe a place for ALL of us. tee hee

Definitely, yes!


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