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Just wondering out of curiosity what fiber you all enjoy spinning the most and why?

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Another consideration is the weight of the yarn.  2 ply is thinner than 3, obviously, and it looks like that shawl (which I had already faved) is done in laceweight, so that is something else to consider.

But your spinning and plying are great!

The decision has been made!  Since I have now gone through the process of figuring out the n-ply on the drop spindle I have realized how much yardage I would lose.  I want the yardage so I'm just going to have to be as consistent as possible with my singles to try to keep the colors together.  I definitely like the look of the n-plied though.

That's amazing to me that you can get that thin a yarn and that consistent a yarn on a drop spindle!  I'm still struggling to make a consistent yarn of ANY size with a drop spindle.  I'm much better with a wheel.

Yes, I understand completely.  I'd get one for my Louet if it were less expensive.  Maybe in the Fall.

Ok so polwarth/silk is my new favorite fiber blend (till I try something new I'm sure, lol).  I finished this up last night, soaked it and let it dry overnight and this is what I got this morning!!  It's nice and even.  I can't wait to knit it up.

I spun 5.5 oz of powlarth/silk and got 652 yds of fingering weight yarn.  The shalette pattern that I planned to use only calls for about half of this so I'm making two of these so my mom can have one for her Mother's Day gift.  That way she won't steal mine (which she's known to do)!

Very the colors.

I like this!  And I'm sure your mom will love the shawlette. 

Very, very nice.  Well done!

How do you measure the number of yards you have.  Do you have a yarn meter?

Yes I do have one but I honestly don't use it that much.  I have a 2 yard niddy noddy.  I wind my yarn onto it and tie it off.  Then I just count how many strands of yarn I have in the hank (in this case 326) then I multiply by two (652) and that's my yardage.  There's a bit of leeway because it shrinks up a bit in the drying process since I don't weigh it down but it's a pretty good ballpark figure.

I usually wait till after I've soaked it and let it dry before I count for yardage.  It's a bit to curly prior to the soak and I get it all tangled up. Unless you count it while it's still on the niddy noddy of course.  

But that's the way I do it at least.

I do the same thing, Bren... and I also have a yarn meter... I had finished a small skein the other day and my niddy noddy said I had 120 yards... I then put my yarn through the meter as I balled it up to knit, and the meter said I had 126 yards... so my niddy noddy is off a little bit, but not by much.

You know I've never bothered to check with my meter to see how close it is to my niddy noddy.  I'm gonna have to do that.  I'm curious now.


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