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I've been following cherylbwaters wonderful tribute to her sister on her blog. Since I recently lost my daughter to ovarian cancer, I decided I wanted to honor both my daughter, Lynn, and Cheryl's sister, Kathy, by knitting cure caps in honor of them. When I had my own chemo it was during the coldest MI winter in ages and I needed to keep warm. But now I live on the coast of GA. Keeping cool and also protected is what is needed here. A nurse friend said she knit a cap similar to the KP's Easy Peasy cap when she was dealing with breast cancer and found that she could then put a wide-brimmed hat over it. If there are others who are interested in knitting along with me, I'd love to have some company. Surely all of us have local community needs for cure caps. I think the soft KP's Comfy or organic cotton will work very well here in the hot south.

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If you paste the URL in the comment box it will work. If you want it to be linked with a word [such as "here". I often type "Click here" since some members are not familiar with how to use computers.], that's when you highlight the word and use the hyperlink icon. You did just fine!
The important thing to remember about yarns for Cure Caps are that these caps are directly next to the skin so they need to be very soft. Some of these patients get cold easily and need warm. So you need to use very soft wools for them such as merinos. Another good fiber for Cure Caps is cotton. But you need to make sure it is soft. Some cottons can be on the scratchy side, so you need to check for softness.

There are lots of great patterns and many are free. Here are some links to free patterns for caps that can be more cheery than the the usual plain chemo caps and those made from eyelash.

Raspberry Beret

Slouchy Hat

Drops Design has lots of patterns. I have done a few of the baby patterns but none of these hats patterns. Just remember to choose one that covers the whole head.

Knit Picks Chemo Cap

Barrymore Slouch Hat

Fish Hat. What a great cure cap for kids!

Autogyro Beanie. Another great one for kids. It could be made this way or even made to cover more of the head.

Vintage Bathing Cap. I think teenaged girls might love this one.

Bloody Stupid Johnson


Cross-country Chullo. I'm sure a young girl or boy would love this one.

Frontier. This could be a great one for a young boy or girl.

Morgan. This might really suit the young crowd.

I'll add more tomorrow!

Great patterns, Cheryl. And I see my attempt at linking to the Nickey Epstein pattern didn't work so will try again. Click here
You did it, Martha!
A really great list of patterns, can't wait to see the rest of your list. Blessings to you for doing this for all of us who need patterns.
I printed off some of them. Have never done cables so that hat with cables going around the brim caught my eye. Time to try something new. I have about 4 inches done on my Easy Peasy hat and it's not rolling up to make the brim...hmm. Oh well, I'll keep going and see what happens.
Hmmm...... I wonder why. Is it at least curling up some? If it is rolling up it will work.
I finished the hat last night and the brim is rolling up just as it should. Fun and easy project to make. I used KP's Simply Cotton in worsted weight. Since it's too hot here to go out during the day, I HAD to sad...Time for the next one!
One yarn that I have found to be really soft is the Naturally Caron Spa yarn which is a blend of Microdenier acrylic and bamboo. Two skeins of yarn can make 3 hats pretty easily. Another blend that is really soft is the silk and bamboo blended yarn. I am part of a group at work that has just come together to start making hats for patients going through chemo.

The Spa yarn washes very nicely (hand wash) and knits up very nicely as well. I have knitted one of the caps using the easy peasy pattern. But there are a lot of free patterns available online when knitting or crocheting for charity that are pretty easy and look really nice when finished.
I would also suggest to include a tag with the fabric content and care instructions for the cap. Just in case someone is allergic to a particular fiber.
Excellent idea, Karin. We should definitely let the recipient know how to care for their cure cap. We also need to be aware that it will be next to skin that is sensitive. Someone going through chemo doesn't need the bother of hard to care for cure caps and ones that are harsh on the skin.
I am so glad to know that there are others like me out there in the world! I too knit "Cure Caps" and donate them. I try to include a card or note stating that it came from my church group, "Knit One Pray One" that has evolved into "Knit Together In Christ", if I cannot do that (as often happens when I am knitting one. Someone invariably asks how they can get one for their person in treatment and I just hand it over to them with my prayers and blessings) and give them the yarn label so they have the care instructions. I have donated directly to the local Cancer Society and the Cancer clinic here in Odessa, but most of mine end up in the hands of folks who know that I do this and have someone they know, and they get passed on in that manner. I try to concentrate on praying for a cure while knitting, and each time I finish one, my husband prays that it will be the LAST ONE NEEDED! Knitting caps for kids is really hard as we don't like to think about children suffering. I use a lot of feathery soft eyelash type yarns in all different colors, but I concentrate on BRIGHT colors so they will be fun. Let us all continue to knit for the cure! :)


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