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I've been following cherylbwaters wonderful tribute to her sister on her blog. Since I recently lost my daughter to ovarian cancer, I decided I wanted to honor both my daughter, Lynn, and Cheryl's sister, Kathy, by knitting cure caps in honor of them. When I had my own chemo it was during the coldest MI winter in ages and I needed to keep warm. But now I live on the coast of GA. Keeping cool and also protected is what is needed here. A nurse friend said she knit a cap similar to the KP's Easy Peasy cap when she was dealing with breast cancer and found that she could then put a wide-brimmed hat over it. If there are others who are interested in knitting along with me, I'd love to have some company. Surely all of us have local community needs for cure caps. I think the soft KP's Comfy or organic cotton will work very well here in the hot south.

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Well, Martha, it looks like you managed to figure it out! Yes, you get computer gibberish when it uploads until you post it. It's sort of like magic.

I'd say there's going to be some pretty lucky recipients of cure caps. Those are absolutely stunning!

I've heard when you pack up stuff for moving, if a box goes unopened for more than a year, you don't need it. It is amazing how much unnecessary stuff we accumulate.

I'll be starting this chemo hat soon using Lion Brand Superwash Merino Cashmere worsted in "Charcoal Heather." This hat is for an acquaintance who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. She wanted something in a neutral color, but all I had in my stash that was washable was bright colors. The pattern is the Not-Just-For-Chemo Reversible Cloche by Mary Keenan. It's a free download on Ravelry.

(That's not me in the photo!)

All done but the button and the blocking.

It fits me, and the recipient also has a small head, so, this should work.

Very cute! I love cure caps that don't look like chemo caps. I think they should be unique looking and look like a cute hat, not just something that looks like it was made for someone who has lost their hair due to chemo treatments.

I agree! This looks a lot better on than flat on the table. I need to block it and then pick out a really nice button.

Hope to see it when blocked and buttoned.

Me, too!

Here's the hat blocking in front of our little stove:

A shot of the back:

And another view:

Very cute! What buttons do you plan to use?

I have no idea! I have to look and see what I have, and another local knitter has some buttons she said to come look at.

I know you will find the perfect ones.

I couldn't find anything in my stash. Joanie's coming to Common Threads tomorrow. I may get her advice.


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