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I dyed my first sock blank with Jacquard acid dye. I colored the blank (I made it myself with Bare Stroll Sport) with the dye solution at he recommended strength. When it was all colored I sprayed it with vinegar and wrapped it in plastic wrap. I steamed it in a pot with a lid for 30 minutes. I waited for it to cool and rinsed in lukewarm water. I didn't see any extra dye wash out at this point. I knitted  a pair of socks right off the blank. When the socks were finished they were a little crinkled so I washed them in the sink with a little soap, and I was astonished and disappointed to see blue dye in the water. This is not supposed to happen, is it? What did I do wrong? More importantly, what can I do to make them colorfast? Heat again??

This is a picture of my finished blank followed by a picture of the finished socks. By the way, I used Navy Stroll Sport for the toes and heels.

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It is still too much, hence the bleeding. 
I agree

Is your heat up?  1/2 cup should have been enough acid.    I've not used Jacquard dyes, but they are washfast acids so it should be the same as using any other brand of washfast acid.  It does lead me to wonder at your heat. 

I absolutely love the way you placed the dye on the sock blank.  Did you use a KnitPick's blank?  Please be sure to post a photo of how it's knitting up.  I'd absolutely love to see it.

A friend of mine dyed some blanks this winter from Carstairs Woollen Mills.  She used an absolutely shocking limey yellow and a deep rose pink.  I thought I'd throw up.  But when they were knitted up, they were *amazingly beautiful* socks.  I would never have thought to use those colours, but I'll sure give them a try...if I ever knit socks again ;>)  They're not my favourite knitting project, probably because I find wool socks too warm.  Anyway, make sure you post a photo, okay?

I didn't heat the yarn-dye mixture for an hour. The book I was following said to heat for 20 minutes. I let it go for 30 minutes and there was still some dye in the water; so I added 1/4 cup of vinegar and heated it for 10 more minutes. After that there was still some dye in the water so I added another 1/4 cup of vinegar and heated for another 10 minutes - still some dye in the water --  I gave up and let it cool down. By the time it was room temp the dye had soaked up into the yarn, but when I washed it it the dye vwas bleeding right out. I was planning on testing the acidity of the water that was left - (I saved it) as soon as the pH test strips arrive.

Would having too much water in my pot messed up my acidity? The book said fill my pot 2/3 full. Would it be more appropriate to have just enough water to cover the yarn plus a little to compensate for evaporation?

I've got the socks done, no bleeding on this pair. Sorry it took me so long, I have been having computer problems, and then three weeks of grief over death of a sister. I'm finally getting caught up on all the stuff I put off. Here's the picture.
Donna, They look great!  Glad the dyeing finally worked for you.  So sorry to hear about your sister. 
Donna, a tsp. of dye is a tsp. of dye no matter whether it's in a cup of water or a gallon of water.  The ratio of dye to weight of fibre is what it's all about.  So with your first pair, you simply had too much dye in the water and there just weren't enough dye sites left on your wool to absorb all of the dye.  Your new pair of socks look great though, so you're obbviously getting a handle on this.  I am so sorry to hear about the death of your sister.  My condolences.


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