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I have to admit it, I messed up.  Though I was on gauge.  Wasn't, made my sleeves to long before attaching, and way to big around.  So I get to frog the whole sweater, and restart, restart, restart, lol.  Oh well, isn't the first time, won't be the last.  And I had it all finished except the steeking, yikes!!!  Anyone game to start over with me after the holidays, or start for the first time????


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lol that does make me feel better

A few suggestions I have thought of, for this sweater.  If you are using 2 circs and knitting your sleeves 2AAT, use some point protectors on the circ you are not using at the time, so that stitches do not fall off the ends.  Also, I just attached my sleeves, and it was very tight working around the sleeves.  I discovered that I should have used a longer cable, at least a 32" or 40" to give me more working room, to work around the sleeves.  I used a 24" cable, and shoved the stitches on full, making it a little more difficult than it should be.  I also found that if I wrap the contrast yarn around my main color yarn, a couple of wraps, every 2 to 3 rows so that there are not long threads going up the sleeve for my fingers to tangle with and pull out the stitch definition, I also did this with the steek area, just so the thread stays put.   



Lots of good tips, Janet! Thanks for will be a great reference for others starting this KAL



thanks...I need all the help I can get
I used a 60" cable for a magic loop, and put the end pieces on the cable with my sleeves when I was ready to start the body. I'm running the CC up the steek line as well.

I think running the CC up the steek line just makes it a little more tidy.  The fewer loose threads, the better. 

Someone recently posted a question about the short row shaping and the CC.  I have changed my mind, needed to work the short row CC.  The best way would be to break your CC at the steek, leave a long strand so you can weave it into the backside a little.  Then attach where the short row begins, and work a row.  I found I only needed to add the one row of CC short row.  The ends will be hid in the neck band that you knit after doing all the short rows.  Hope this helps.  I'll post a pic before I close everything up on the neck band so that you can see it. 



By the way, please don't compare how quickly I have gotten to the neck band to your production on your sweaters.  I knit fast, and since I do not work, I have lots and lots of time to fill in.  When I was working, I didn't get hardly any knitting and quilting done.  Of course, I also probably had 10 projects on the needles to work on, now I only have a pair of socks, this cardi, and am starting a lace shawl.  Besides dishcloths for the church bake and craft fund raiser for our new parking lot. 



lol your super woman, i think im going to have to take a knitting leave from work just to start my swatch

A knitting leave, that is what I used to think I needed to have those too, lol.  I have also been knitting since I was 7, and I will be 49 in March, so a few years of practice.  Although it is only in the last 4 years that I have been able to work lace shawls, and work on changing sizing, and guaging and being able to change from different weights of yarns, and such in a pattern.  I have been pushing to get this done, there are at least 2 if not more sweaters I want to do for myself.  Also my daughter and her best friend want a Kimono Jacket knitted, I have their yarn, one is lavender and the other a med sage green.  So have 2 to make.  They both graduate this May, so maybe I can get them done. 



lol well I am only 23 just out of University with my first real job and I am already looking forward to retirment lol ...I have been knitting on and off since i was little but not seriously until about 2 years ago

Megan, it is so good to know that there are young knitters out there.  We've got to keep the art alive.  I started when I was a little girl, too, and kept it up on and off for too many years to count.  Only in the last 10 years have I really done it passionately, and now I even own and LYS!  The more I do, the more I want to do! 

As for my most recent CLiC, I said I would work on it with this group, but I'm afraid I have too many other projects with deadlines that I must finish before I can work on it.  But I'll get it done sometime soon.  I am looking forward to it being a staple in my wardrobe.


I agree,  young people need to knit or soon it will be a dying art and that makes me sad....when my generation are all retired who will teach the new generations....however sadly i wish there were more young people who agree with me...maybe Id have more friends my age lol oh well....

I am excited to start this sweater, i think its classic a great cardigan will alway be in style and go with everything


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