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Thanks for letting me KAL with you. I'm wanting to make a first glove (my first) for my 4-year old grandchild. But he lives too far away to measure his hand myself. Any suggestions? What are the absolutely least measurements I need to make a glove that will fit his hand? Do you measure each finger and thumb or what?




Sincerely, Amy

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I dont know about measurements but try the Selbuvotter book by Terri Shea it has some child sizes in it. Try Ravelry it may have some patterns for free there.

My favorite mitten pattern is in the book "The Workshop Book of Knitting" by Ursula von Wartburg (now out of print.)  She says ". . . trace around the hand.  Then knit a gauge and see how many stitches you need to fit across the palm.  Double this and add 4 stitches for the thickness of the hand.  This will give you the number of stitches to cast on."  Of course the fingers are together for a mitten, but the theory should work just as well for gloves if you trace with the fingers spread.  Unless it's supposed to be a surprise, you could ask his mother to do the tracing and send it to you snail-mail.  Then you would know exactly what size to make and how long the fingers need to be.  (I have stubby hands and the fingers are always too long in ready made stuff.)  Hope this is helpful.



You might also try Ann Budd's The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns. It has all kinds of good information about sizing for mittens, gloves, hats, tams, scarves, socks, vests and sweaters. An excellent book for your library.
I think I heard somewhere that your sock size indicates how big around the mitten should be. I'm planning on making mittens for my DGD2, and I thought I would use my basic sock astern, leave out the heel and add a thumb. Maybe not make it as long.
I haven't heard that, but it makes sense to me.
Um..."basic sock pattern." Silly Autocorrect. It thinks I'm leaving a sock on the poop deck, I guess!
That's the second autocorrect in 2 days that has gone way over my head!
I couldn't figure out "astern" until I pronounced it in my head "aSTERN," meaning toward the stern (rear end) of a boat or ship. That's where the poop deck is. We used to live on a boat.
Yes, you have mentioned that before. But I'm so glad you mentioned where the stern is. I always get confused.
You don't want to know why it's called the poop deck, LOL!
I've definitely figured out why it is called the poop deck! I mean we don't want things flying back onto the ship or anyone on deck!
In the winter, we have a poop deck, and it isn't on a boat. (We can't let the pups out in the back yard in the winter because of snow falling off the roof, but they will use any patch of snow. 'Nuff said.


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