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Hello everyone!!!

While we were prepping for the 100th podcast, I'm afraid my knitting life had to go on the back burner. That and a few other things. Well, as of today, I feel like I can take a deep, energizing breath and return to my fiber world. Of course, my little trip to The Black Sheep Gathering also helped focus my mind!

I am ready to begin knitting my sleeves. That gave me an idea. I am going to introduce Discussions on each significant section of knitting The Classic Lines Cardigan. I think this will be very helpful because, as you get to a section, you can review other people's experiences and be able to ask your own questions. Or, proudly announce your arrival at that stage! I'll start in the Sleeves Discussion!

I am so happy to be back with my sweater!! Just in time for summer knitting!!


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Thanks for the videos they were very helpful, and it was great to actually see someone doing the W&T. I think I will be trying it this way. Thanks again.
You're more than welcome.
Cherylbwaters- wanted to let you know that the videos saved me!! I was able to do the first side the say it is stated in the pattern, but when I got to the other side I knew it wasn't going to work. So I did it the same way as on the video and it worked perfectly. Well it would have if I wouldn't have missed 2 wraps and then had to knit back down and fix them. But that was my fault and even after having to drap down it still looks much better then the first time. Thanks again.
I'm so glad. I have learned more knitting tricks this year since I joined KP's knitting community than I've learned in all the years I've been knitting. I thought I knew a lot of tricks, but there are so many more out there. This old dog can learn new tricks!

Cheryl-thank you yet again. I just watched Cat's two videos on wrap and turn, and it looks so easy. And she is such a funny lady too. I tell my friends I am attending knitting university because I keep learning new techniques too. Funny, I did the w&t's on Mr. Foster, and they are passable for knitting, but now I know how to do it right.
Angel, I hadn't seen this either when I did my Mr. Foster. When I first saw this video I thought "Why is she using this multi-colored yarn for this demonstration?" but she certainly knew what she was doing. It made it so easy to understand what she was doing and why.
That was awesome! She's funny, too. I'm just coming up to my wrap&turns, and I think they'll turn out better this time because of this method. Thanks, Cheryl!
I also just realized that the pattern has been updated. It was done back in April, but I was working on the old one. The updated version has different instructions for the W&T. I replaced my downloaded copy with the new one, just in case I make another cardigan. But this might help anyone who is just coming to that point, or is just starting the KAL. To find it go to customer service in the top right corner and then click on pattern errata and look under Classic Lines Cardigan.

I didn't realize that!
Oops! Too late! Well, I worked it out. --P


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