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Hello everyone!!!

While we were prepping for the 100th podcast, I'm afraid my knitting life had to go on the back burner. That and a few other things. Well, as of today, I feel like I can take a deep, energizing breath and return to my fiber world. Of course, my little trip to The Black Sheep Gathering also helped focus my mind!

I am ready to begin knitting my sleeves. That gave me an idea. I am going to introduce Discussions on each significant section of knitting The Classic Lines Cardigan. I think this will be very helpful because, as you get to a section, you can review other people's experiences and be able to ask your own questions. Or, proudly announce your arrival at that stage! I'll start in the Sleeves Discussion!

I am so happy to be back with my sweater!! Just in time for summer knitting!!


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Thanks, Joanne. I did that and got tons of things on short rows and gave up. I'm printing off the KP tutorial. My knitting book doesn't have enough info. --P
Another question: When you do the short rows, do you continue the contrast every 6th row? How do you do that? I am two rows away and have finished the dec's. Should I continue the dec rows until I finish a cc row before starting the short rows? --P

You continue the cc on the short rows. Since the short rows begin and end in the collar, continuing the cc gives it a 'finished' look.

When you finish the dec's, do one complete row before starting the short rows because every other short row is also a decrease row. Then, just continue doing the cc every 6th row. Cut the yarn and start it again if necessary, since they will end up being covered by the collar hem.

I just finished the collar on my sweater, and need to do the hemming, steeking, banding, and grafting, then block it, and show it to you all! I tried it on, and it is a perfect fit. I can't wait to finish it.

Thanks! That's exactly what I ended up doing. I'm ready to sew down the collar facing now. Stay tuned...
I am a little confused about the wrap and turn. I have compleated the last W&T with a purl row. After I did that wrap I turned my work and knit around picking up the wraps, one side looks great, but when I got to the other they did not turn out as well. I have big holes and trying to figure out what I was doing wrong only made them bigger. They are now so strewed up from me knitting and unknitting and trying something else that I am going to have to pull them out and do the short rows again. Was I suppose to purl the other side of wraps?? Do my last short row W&T knit down picking up the wraps then turn and purl picking up the wraps? But I guess that wouldn't work either. I have read through the tutorial and even printed it hoping it would help, but everything it says is what I did. Does anyone have any suggestions that might make second attempt work out better? Any help would be great. Thanks everyone, for help with this and for support to know it is ok to rip it out and start over.
Cat Bordhi has a two-part video describing how to do w&t that I think is pretty good:

Hope this helps.
Thanks, Cheryl! It's too late for me, but I was able to figure it out by turning my work and purling those sts backwards, if that makes any sense. Cat is amazing, isn't she? --P
Yes, she is amazing. I think she and Lucy Neatby should get Nobel Peace prizes. After all, knitting does give us peace!
Who got the Nobel Prize for knitting this year? I didn't hear. --P
Hmmmm...... And the winner is ??????
They also should get it since they bring us peace in our knitting by helping us understand what in the world we are doing. :)
Knitting = Peace and Tranquility


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