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Are you blending fiber for spinning? What fibers are you blending? Do you blend for color or for fiber content? What method do you use?

I plan on using my drum carder to blend some merino roving with alpaca. Just for fun!

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The drum carder is essential for a large volume of fiber, though.
I agree with you Peggy. I can't imagine that I myself would survive trying to hand card an entire fleece. The project would probably die in the process. At the one Alpaca farm that I visited this past weekend, she had Alpaca fleeces available at a discount. I was certainly tempted but just knew I would lose interest trying to hand card the whole thing.
What you need is a drum carder at a discount! I got mine second hand and share it with a friend, but I didn't get as good a deal as Susan, who bought hers second hand. It was a steal!
Glad to hear you like your hand cards. A drumcarder is on my wish list. I need to get more practice with my hand cards. It's not the making of the rolags so much as it is spinning with rolags.
You can make rolags with a drum carder, I think. Or you can start the fleece with the drum carder and finish it with the hand cards for a really nice preparation. Not that I've actually done that!
What kind of "bi" projects are you working on?
I read that as big projects!
Thanks, Susan. I think my fingers are numb from all the poking they've been doing at these keys the last few days!! And I obviously didn't proof read that one carefully! =) Leave it to Peggy to point it out. At least you are as hard on yourself as you are the rest of us, Peggy!! =))))))))
I have an overactive funny bone! Just slap me if I go too far!
I have long arms, but I don't think they'll stretch as far as from me to you! Even though I am only in the 'next door' state.
Then it will have to be a virtual slap!


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