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Dear Rosemary and Peggy, I am a hand spinner, I use a drop spindle... one thing I wondered was if Knit Picks would ever sell rovings ? I am a sloooww spinner as my wheel died. I would love to see a spin along though, Maybe we could post pics of how we are doing on our fiber.
bless you,
Grace: I'll bet if we tried, we could get them to do a spin-along. I asked about roving once, but they don't want to spread themselves too thin. Some of us have been blogging about our spinning. Susan The Blue Lake Knitter is a fairly new spinner, as am I. We have been encouraging each other. We could give you some sources of fiber, if you need them. --P
Grace & Peggy: I think that's a wonderful idea! Peggy, I agree with you that blogs are a good way to share our technique & fiber choices. I also blog about my knitting / spinning (I think my blog address is attached to my knitpicks profile) and would love to check yours out.

Maybe someday knitpicks will supply roving. Until then, I'm pretty happy with my selection at fiber festivals & on Etsy.
Rosemary: I blog primarily on Knit Picks, and then I put a link on Facebook and copy my blog to No one can escape me, ha-ha! --P
I didn't see this anywhere else, but I notice that most of the KALs are for women's stuff and are populated almost entirely (or maybe entirely) by women. What about a Guys KAL? Specialize in knitting by or for guys or both. --Peggy
GREAT Idea, as I would love to come up with some things to help me fit my LONG, TALL, THIN son with sweaters that actually are long enough! Ocean Pacific pants were a godsend when he was younger--he was like a human worm!!!
Is anyone knitting the Craftsman Afghan kit? How about that for a kal?
I just happened to see this post. I would love to see the Craftsman Afghan KAL. I am having a little trouble getting it started right and I would love to be able to talk to other people about it. Great idea!
Being one of Peggy's fellow over the rainbow sock people I'm down for the April sock knit along. But even with that how about a sweater knit along doing the sweater from the top down I've never tried that method and it sounds interesting.
Or how about a design your own sweater? I have the fiber I dyed with KoolAid in three colors, then natural dark brown and natural off-white in the same fiber. I want to make a sweater of my own design. To say nothing of a spin-along! --P
I like that idea! Maybe all based on down, bottom up, different sleeve lengths. Lots of options out there...
Just ordered cd print your own grid. Won't be here until end of week. Love getting stuff in the mail; better yet is to see done projects and giving them away.


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