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We have a sock book picked out, but it hasn't hit the shelves yet. We're planning on adding it as a new knitalong at the end of April. Thanks!
As an admitted sockaholic (not recovering, no...I can stop any time I want to!), this is great news. I've been making socks like crazy since learning to use two circs, a la Cat Bordhi. I'm sure if the KP staff picked out the book, it must be good, and it probably has a nice variety to choose from. I should be done with some of my other projects by then. Thanks! --Peggy
The sock book that is being used is okay, and I do plan to join that at some point. But do we have to limit ourselves to just one book... since socks are so popular and quick to work? I'd also like to do Cat Bordhi socks.
I just started the Mitered Squares blanket from Mason-Dixon knitting. That would be a fun knit-along. It would be great to see what color combinations that everyone else comes up with!
That's a great one! I'll add it to our list of knitalong candidates...
My daghter and I are knitting a mitered squares blanket together. We swatched in the beginning to be sure we could match each other's gauge, accumulated our yarn, and started knitting. She's away at college and I'm here at home, so we never see each other's squares till she comes home for a break. So far we have 23 of the 80 blocks knitted. It's pretty trippy to see all of squares together--the colors seem like they should clash, but somehow they seem to work. My squares are all food themed--brown and pink for chocolate raspberry truffles, olive green and pale yellow for aspargus with hollandaise sauce, pink and green for watermelon. I've got to move on from the food theme, though. I've got some colors that just don't relate to food! My daughter is taking a much more rational course--I think she's using a color wheel to choose complimentary colors. None of that logic for me!
That's a real KAL! We're doing sort of a family thing, too. My DD, my GD (her niece) and I all got One Skein Wonders for Christmas. After Christmas, we went to a NSLYS about 40 miles away and bought yarn for one of the projects in the book. I did a hat (it's done), DD is doing the coasters and GD is doing a lacy scarf, so she can learn YOs. It's great fun. How about a photo when it's done? --Peggy
I am so wanting to learn HOW To miter knit!!! That sounds like fun!!
Oh, but it IS fun!! Only thing is you'll need to pay attention to your counting. I had a bear of a time when my ex kept on bugging me so that I couldn't concentrate. (Ugh... I THINK I've got four squares completed and put together...Just need to get some more yarn so I can work on it some more..)

If y'all actually have that knit along, count me in! I used to have that book, and that was a FUN pattern!!!!

My DH designed a pattern using four colours on a twelve by twelve square. I may only do ten by ten. It's slowly growing and I think it will look good


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