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Diedre has posted an entry about the new Spring yarn arrivals - you can read it here!

Also, Melissa has a blog post about the new Gloss Lace yarn here.

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Here's a few more entries on the new spring yarns:

Risata, Gloss & Comfy

Green cotton yarns

Mainline & CotLin
New colors are up on the website - aong with the new Gloss lace.
The new Felici is beautiful. I see a lot of that in my future.
WOW that gloss lace yarn,,, in the what was it called? Midnight heather? I can't remember but it so looks like a peacock! I LOVE IT! I want it bad for my Fiddlesticks Peacock shawl now. I still haven't started it and that stuffs gorgeous! Course I bought the turquoise shimmer for it first and then I dyed another lace weight for it! UGH! I need to just make the jump and start the pattern eh?!
I made the peacock shawl last year. Not too hard and turned out great
The new yarns look great!! Very inspiring.
I love all those new greens everywhere. I see a lot of green in my knitting future...

I would really like to see outside (in natural light) pictures of all the new Shimmer, like the picture Kelly has on her Blog. I know I will be ordering that Bayou because I like what I see in her picture. I think it gives me a better feel for the colorway than the square close-up photos on the Gloss lace page. Somehow the camara looses some of the subtlies of the colorway in the small close ups, compared to the outside in-the-environment-and-natural-light whole-skein photo. At least, on my computer monitors it does.

Maybe just one outside group picture? :-)...
I hear ya, Teri. Since you asked so nicely, I'll see what I can do...
Okay, Teri, this one's for you!
Thank you for the photo Melissa. They really are beautiful.
Your killing me.....stunning....awesome awesome awesome. You guys are out doing yourselves with the picks. Too much fun. Sigh.....I'll do a little prayer to the VISA gods and see what they can do for me. LOL
Ooh, wow, I am in such trouble with all the new colors. I agree with Teri about the outdoor light full skein pictures. That pic Melissa took for her of the Shimmer colors is perfect, and the Sherry looks gorgeous. I also noticed the difference between the pics of the Aegean on Kelly's blog and the little square closeups, at least on my computer. If it's not too much trouble, could someone maybe take pics of the new Gloss Lace and/or the new Shadow colors all lined up pretty in outdoor light? Pretty, pretty please?


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