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Diedre has posted an entry about the new Spring yarn arrivals - you can read it here!

Also, Melissa has a blog post about the new Gloss Lace yarn here.

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Knit Picks is really excited about the new colors. We are adding new colors to many lines this year. You will see new colors in Alpaca Cloud, Comfy, CotLin, Crayon, Shimmer, Shine sport, Shine Worsted. And a few more surprises.
Oh, goodie... many of my favorites! :-) Happy Star!

Surprises??? You've got SURPRISES... too??? cool!
Any pinks in worsted weight coming out? I really want to make the February Lady Sweater with a Knit Picks yarn in a pink,but there are very few choices in the way of pink. :( Pink? Pink? PINK????
New colors of wool yarn come out in the fall, and new colors of cotton yarns come out in the spring. For Comfy worsted, Peony is a new pink and then Flamingo and Pomegranate are the other pink tones in that line. In Shine worsted, Coral is a pretty pink shade. For Wool of the Andes, check out Tulip, Pink Cheeks, Fairy Tale, or Black Cherry Heather.

But now that you've pointed it out, we could use more pink yarns. I'm going to suggest that at the next color meeting.

Also, good luck on your February Lady Sweater. There was a knit along in Portland, and I've seen a lot of gorgeous versions of that sweater. Have you seen the Yarn Harlot's version? She spun the yarn herself and it is shades of pink. Click here
That sweater is on my make list It looks so comfortable and like you I like pink but will get red, my favorite color. it would be fun if we were knitting it at the same time, Irene Soileau
New colors and yarns are HERE!!! YAY!!!
Um, I probably need to switch off my Ravelry report-possible-bugs mode, but the new Bare yarn (essentially undyed Imagination) is showing up with the hand-dyed yarns. (That is, going to the hand-dyed yarn category brings up that yarn)
Thanks for the catch. It's been removed from the Hand Dyed category.
I love the new yarns shown in the April catalogue! Great colors and directions. Every time I order yarn you put up something new I want to have! Unfair!!! however, I won't be complaining. Lot of fun new Cotlin colors. I second that wish for a Cotlin-based sweater/jacket KAL! I think Cotlin is my favorite yarn of all.
I think from what I've heard that Main Line is being phased out? If that is so, although there's not much to do about it if they're already sent out, the catalog (at least as I browsed online) erroneously includes Main Line in a list of cotton yarns that are getting new colors (in Kelley's introductory letter). Oh, yes, and this City Tweed sounds interesting. I'm waiting for it!
I want to make some dishcloths and hand towels for my kitchen. Would CotLin be a good choice? (I have my eye on the Moroccan Red, which would go well with my kitchen, which is all neutrals, but with a red door.) --Peggy
CotLin is great for kitchen linens - in the April 2009 catalog, we have a spread showing dishcloths, a Swiffer cover, and these little rubber glove toppers. It's absorbent and sturdy and will take a lot of abuse.


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