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Diedre has posted an entry about the new Spring yarn arrivals - you can read it here!

Also, Melissa has a blog post about the new Gloss Lace yarn here.

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Thanks Alison! Our DD has that book, so I'm thinking of sending her some in blue, her favorite color. I'll put some CotLin on my next order. I'm finding spinning with the wheel no problems for my thumbs. I hope the Dr. will tell me tomorrow that I can knit if I can stand it. Here I am with all this yummy yarn, and can't do anything. [Sigh!] --Peggy
Have you knitted the Mason-Dixon hand towels, they are on my make list to, hoping to have some done by Christmas for gifts, I had made the triangle ones last year and there has been hints of another. Irene
Not yet, but I have some CotLin in Moroccan Red that I plan on using. (I have red accents in my kitchen.) --P
It's always exciting to wait for news in the knitting world! everything from yarn to needles seems to come in an endless stream of new designs and wit new properties and qualities. You never lack inspiration to start a new knitting project! I'm sure I'll use many of these beautiful yarns in my future bead knitting patterns!
I swear, there's always a new yarn sampler pack I absolutely require that shows up on the website the day I receive my latest order. Quit trying to put me in the poorhouse, I don't have any self-control to speak of!
Just think how much faster you would be in the poorhouse if you had to buy this stuff at your LYS. (For me, that would mean gas money, too! --P

You have added so many absolutely stunning, fresh, bright, happy colours to many yarn lines... why not to the Alpaca and alpaca-silk lines? I can't wear merino... so only drooling over the great colours but no knitting with these.

Any plans to add some of these fun colours to your Alpaca and Alpaca-Silk lines... please, please, please :-) Am sure I am not the only one out here who would be thrilled by such.

Best, Dagmar
Dagmar: I gues you know about this.

and this.

You just don't see a color you like? --P
I can't wait to see! --P

Can you guys come out with a medium, dark, & light grey chroma?

Not a big brown fan & the white/natural option is just too light. Thanks!


Introducing Galileo!

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