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No problem! Glad it made sense :)

I am trying to make the Victorian Lace Headband by  Kerin Dimeler- Laurence and am stuck on the lace chart - what on earth is the knot she's asking for? I am about to just alter the pattern, but I don't know what I'll get if I do. If I use one of those knots that calls for knitting or purling three stitches together, leaving on needle, y/o, purl/knit through all three again, take off needle, then there aren't enough stitches cast on.


It almost looks like a French knot in embroidery, but for the knot you are knitting and purling into one st 5 times and then decreasing 2 of those 5 stitches. Before and after the knot stitch you are decreasing a stitch. So the increase of 2 sts in the knot are balanced by the decreases before and after each knot. What bothers me is that there are 4 YOs that don't appear to be balanced by any decreases. If Jenny doesn't respond here, I suggest you PM her or Kerin.

The increases seem to be balanced if you don't add any stitches during the knot. I decided to try a nupp or bobble, and the pattern works out fairly well. It does look like a french knot. A friend on facebook suggested beads, but as the knots are part of the leaves, I think I will just do a five stitch nupp. I would still like some type of official ruling here... I am going to make up a few of these in different manners I think. I have two skeins of cotlin in sprout.

Then I strongly suggest you contact either Jenny or Kerin. I put links to their pages in the message above.

Hi Elizabeth,

I just checked out the pattern you are working on and at the top of the pattern it gives directions for the knot used in the chart as follows:

Make Knot:
K1, P1, K1, P1, K1 into 1 st. Pass 2nd-5th sts over first; you may find it helpful to pass
one st over at a time.

Since you are increasing one stitch into five, but then removing stitches 2-5 (a total of 4 stitches) by passing them over the first stitch - you should end up with only that one original stitch. Essentially, you are working a nupp but in this case it is called a knot :)

Unfortunately, there is no universal knitting language. Though it would make things a whole lot easier for all of us!

Hope that helps, Elizabeth

Jenny, I looked at the pattern myself and, boy, did I read it all wrong. I thought it said to pass the 2nd and 5th sts over, not the 2nd through the 5th! Perhaps this pattern needs clarification.

Thank you! I actually did follow the directions, inadvertantly. I used a crochet hook and made a nupp but pulled the last loop through the others and transferred it to my knitting needle. I also finished the headband with a kitchener stitch instead of the three-needle bind off.

Glad to hear it worked out for you, Elizabeth.


I'm new to the community but not to Knitpicks, I ordered the Modern Twist Shawl because I've I've done lace before and wanted to try again. I saw the little video and it seemed easy enough but I'm having alot of trouble following the pattern. My first question is do I do a full border patter with each section? It just seems like at least right now that the pink is right in the middle of the gray and not at all on the edges...I'm truly lost any help would be greatly appreciated.


I'm working on the Parachutes Shawl.  I thought I was okay with the chart but I just finished row 1 and I have 5 stitches left over.  Help, what have I done?

Susie 58

Hi Susie,

The first row of the chart has a repeat that is worked over 22 stitches. After working the first k1 stitch that is outside of the repeat, that 22 sts repeat is worked a total of 19 times. So 19x22=418 plus the 1 extra stitch at the very beginning of the row brings you to a total of 419 which is how many stitches it says to cast on. By working the numbers, the chart of row 1 should work out ok. I would double check that I have the three purl stitches in between each section of stitches that were knit through the back loop. If you only worked two a few times across the row, you'd end up with extra stitches at the end.

Hope that helps a bit!



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