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Hi Susie,

The first row of the chart has a repeat that is worked over 22 stitches. After working the first k1 stitch that is outside of the repeat, that 22 sts repeat is worked a total of 19 times. So 19x22=418 plus the 1 extra stitch at the very beginning of the row brings you to a total of 419 which is how many stitches it says to cast on. By working the numbers, the chart of row 1 should work out ok. I would double check that I have the three purl stitches in between each section of stitches that were knit through the back loop. If you only worked two a few times across the row, you'd end up with extra stitches at the end.

Hope that helps a bit!


I'm working on the Nikeah Gloves Kit - Bold and the symbols are wrong ....  according to the picture the pink is very prominent while the light green (basil) is only found in the center crosses.  According to the legend, the symbols are incorrect - with the CC2 which is Rubarb listed as # .  Since I want my gloves to look like the picture I'm switching the symbol, but you might want to make the correction for other customers.....

Jerri, I'm going to send a message to Jenny to make sure she sees this so if corrections need to be made, they will be made.

Hi Jerri,

I took a quick look over the pattern and it looks like the cover page has CC1 and CC2 mixed up, so the symbols essentially are correct (the colors associated with the symbols are wrong). The easiest fix would be to associate the # symbol in the chart to Basil and the plain white boxes to Rhubarb. I did send an message about updating the cover sheet to swap the contrasting colors listed (so CC1 would be Rhubarb and CC2 would be Basil).

Sorry about the mix up, and good luck with the gloves!


Thanks, Jenny, I knew you would handle this!

Hello, i hope i am in the right place - have a question concerning the Tumbleweed Vest pattern -

The pattern indicates that the bust and hip measurements are the same. The instructions state that because there is a lot of stretch to the garment, I should choose a size that gives "several inches" of negative ease.

What exactly is several? I have a 38" bust, 40" hips.  Should i make a 36 or go even smaller? Or just go with my size - and should that be a 38 or a 40?

BTW, this is my first sweater attempt.

Thanks, Jenny

Hey, Jenny, how nice to see you. I would say it depends on how snug you like things. Personally, I am not fond of negative ease. And in looking at the pattern, it really doesn't look that snug on the model. WIsh I could be of more help.

I guess your kiddos are really getting big.

Hi CHeryl! How have you been? It is so nice to see so many of the same faces - even though i was not on here oft4en, i remember you fondly. Ya, the kids are getting big, i had a fourth you know :) He is a year old now.

Thank you for your input, that IS helpful.  Can you answer me this - if i do want to take off for some negative ease - do i take it off of my MEASUREMNT, or my SIZE - ?  So for example, i have a 38" bust, so i would normally want to make a top with some ease, so i might choose a size 42.  But if this top is stretchy, and i am told to add negative ease, do i subtract from the 38" , or the 42"?  Thanks so much!

Well, I suggest if you take anything off, to take it off the 42". But I'm going to send KP Jenny a message to see what the professionals think.

I imagine Jenny won't see my message until Sunday, but I have sent her a message.

Thanks Cheryl! In fact, i heard back from the pattern designer, and she instructed me to subtract 2-3" from my measurement (38") !  And also in my extensive reasearch about neg ease, I learned quite a bit it finally makes sense to me and so i will make a 36" or maybe even a 35 if the pattern provides that.  I look forward to Jenny's response, since i pretty much hoard information :)

Thanks again!

I've just never liked things snug on me. But, of course, that is the best thing about knitting. If you don't like it, you can rip it out and start over again.

Ya, i always wear things large.  SO it makes me quite nervous that i am supposed to take away from my measurement.... I have since started a different pattern where i ADD 4 inches of ease, lol.


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