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I've PMed the designer, Kerin, on Ravelry. Hopefully, I'll hear something soon, but, I'm still open to suggestions and help here! I'm kind of stuck on a spot and would like to continue and finish this project.


Hi! Let me know what part of the pattern you are having problems with, I have access to the Thick Knit Car Coat pattern here at Knit Picks and can try to help, Kerin is out until later this week.





I hope this is the right place to post this question!

I am working on the Viola Afghan as a group project. We are raffling the finished afghan off to raise money for my kids youth group mission trip this summer. We have 80 squares finished so far! Now my question...

I can't figure out how to neatly sew all these squares together! The instructions say to use a "mattress stitch". I can find tutorials for doing a mattress stitch on stockinette stitch, but I can't find anything about how to do it with garter stitch. Additionally, there are many locations where a plain square is seamed to a bias square or mitered square. Can someone help me with links to instructions? Or, better yet, could Knit Picks make a short video showing the different techniques needed to finish this afghan?

I can't wait to see how the finished product turns out. We're knitting the purple colorway, and I have yet to see an accurate picture of the whole design. It's been fun looking at all the squares coming back from my volunteer knitters!

Thanks for any help you can give!


Hi Nancy!

We actually have a few videos on seaming with mattress stitch that might help you out - here is a video on how to seam on garter stitch (which is mattress stitch for garter and turns out nice and neatly).

And when you have different sections next to each other, you can use each method with the corresponding side your seaming. If you have a garter stitch square next to say, stockinette - you would use the garter stitch seaming on the garter side and stockinette method on the stockinette side. So you end up with a hybrid method, it does take a bit of patience and practice! For things on the bias or mitered squares, I think grafting that side would work best.

Hope that helps, and keep us posted on the Viola afghan! It is a big undertaking, but with very rewarding results!

I am getting ready to have a sewing party! We'll be assembling the afghan this weekend at our annual Women's Retreat. Is there a way that I can get the above video downloaded to my computer so I can show it to the women as a tutorial at a location that doesn't have Internet access?



I recently purchased the Work + Shelter Corner to Corner wrap and am having difficulty with the pattern. It explains what seed stitch is in the directions and explains it as a 2 row stitch but the pattern calls for it in single rows. For example, I cast on 3 stitches then:

Row 1: K1, P1, K1
Row 2: K1, work K1, P1, K1 in next st, K1
Row 3: Seed stitch
Row 4: K1, P1, work K1, P1, K1 in next st, P1, K1

I'm not sure how to handle this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Meghan, I don't have this pattern, but from what you have described, this should give you a seed stitch. You are increasing by knitting, purling and knitting into the same stitch at the beginning of the row. It appears you are increasing on the even rows and that is why it is giving you more details. So on the odd rows you will be "knitting the knit stitches and purling the purl stitches." So when you are presented with a "purl bump", knit it. When you are presented with a "stockinette V", purl it.

Let me know if this doesn't make sense.

PS: Since each row appears to be increasing 2 sts, each row should be an odd number of stitches. Therefore it appears that all of the odd rows should begin with knit stitch and then be k1, p1 all the way across, ending with a k1.

Cheryl, Thanks for the response.  I'm still confused because the directions said that seed stitch was:

Row 1: K1P1

Row 2: Knit the purl sts and purl the knit sts. Rep rows 1 & 2 for Seed Stitch.

So For Row 3 after:

Row 1: K1, P1, K1
Row 2: K1, work K1, P1, K1 in next st, K1

Would I

 A) K1P1 until the end or

 B) knit the purl sts and purl the knit sts?

And then what would I do for row 5?

Also, it calls for circular needles but I thought that was because the garment was large and would be knitted back and forth. But now since I can't get the pattern to  match the picture, I'm wondering if I should be pushing them to the other needle. As I'm sure you can tell, I'm very confused. 

Thanks for any help.

Okay, I've purchased the pattern. As soon as it is available for me to download, I'll take a closer look to see if I can help further.

PS: I sent you a friend request so I can PM you rather than putting too much information here and possibly violating any copyright.

Hi All,

I feel like a complete noob for asking this question...but I'm stuck, and at row 1 of the first chart no less   :(

I bought the Rocky Shores e-book and am working on the Brookings Pullover.  I'm doing the size 48 and CO 56 stitches for the sleeve and did K1P1 for 12 rows per the instructions, switched to the larger needle, did 1 row knit and started the Sleeve Chart.  I was almost to the end of the first row and realized I was 2 stitches short.  I tinked back, counted, did it again and I'm still 2 stitches short.  I counted the stitches required on the chart for row 1 of the sleeve and it is 58 but I only have 56 on my needles.





Jennifer, I don't have this pattern. But you might want to start a discussion in the Ask the Fairy Godknitters group. I think more people will see your question there. And therefore more likely someone might have an answer for you.

Hi Jennifer,

If you look at the chart for the sleeve, you will see below row one where each size outline begins, that it steps out by one stitch where the first row begins on the beginning and end, which means you would increase one stitch on the beginning and end of your row 1 of the sleeves - giving you the 58 stitches that you counted.

Hope that helps!



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