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First, I want to say that this is my absolute favorite glove pattern. I've made it several times, with different kinds of modifications, and it's always beautiful and fits my hands perfectly. It's my go-to glove pattern. It was also the first glove pattern I ever did, as best as I remember, and I didn't have much trouble with it (the smallness of it did take some concentration though).

I should mention, though, that there seems to be an error in the instructions, when it gets to the place where you start to make the diamond motif. The first time I tried the pattern I had to frog a lot, because the diamond ended up way to the side. So, here's what I do to calculate where the diamond ought to go. First I take the total number of stitches on the needles, and subtract all the stiches I added for the thumb gusset. If you don't do that, the diamond will be too far towards the thumb. Then divide those stitches in half, one half for the palm side and one half for the back side. With the back side stitches, divide them in half again, getting the three center stitches; those three stitches will be the ones you do the first k2tog, yo with. Then you line the rest of the diamond up with that. It should be right in the middle.

Also, if you want to make this pattern into full-finger gloves, just keep on knitting the fingers until they're just nearly long enough, then do several rows of decreases, just like if you were making a really, really tiny hat. Then pull the yarn through the last row of stitches (like a hat again), draw tight, weave the yarn in, repeat with next finger. I've also made this pattern without the frill and chevron cuff, replacing it with a couple of inches of ordinary 1x1 ribbing. That way it fits better inside a sweater sleeve.

I hope you love this pattern as much as I do.

I am knitting the Cabled Pocket Shawl, #50486. I have the first half done and starting on the second half. In reading the pattern, it says to join the two halves using a three-needle bindoff. Since it is kind of a ribbing pattern, wouldn't that kind of bindoff flatten the effect of the cables and of the ribbing?
Thanks for any help that you can give.

The Cabled Pocket Shawl pattern was available from Knit Picks from 09/06 to 01/07. The rights to this pattern have reverted back to the designer. Knit Picks offers technical support on all patterns for 6 months past the date of our last sale. After 6 months all questions must be directed to the designer of the pattern.
I bought the book Getting Started Knitting Socks by Ann Budd. I am trying to knit the socks on page 52. I am stuck at the "heel" instruction. I do not understand how to knit the 18 (for my size) and then turn the work and purl 36. Do I purl the 18 I just knitted? It's the only way I can see to do the purling of 36 stitches. After knitting and turning, the yarn is at the ending of the knitted stitches. Can you clarify this for me so I can proceed? I understand the heel flap and I might use the universal pattern prior to this particular sock, but I can't get that far yet. Thanks.
Socks a la carte:

This book isn't going to be available till after the sale. :( Is there any way to buy it in advance to freeze the price?
Thanks anyway!
I saw a book in the KnitPicks catalog that showed knitted/crocheteded fasteners, buttons, etc. I looked for it this weekend, and cannot seem to find it. I have also seen it refered to in the knitting community. How can I find it. I need this at this time.
check the book Knitting Beyond the Edge by Nicky Epstein (item ID 30810).
janet lace - going swimmingly, until i get to round 63 with the s3RHN....
do i just skip those guys and have a float on the back?

help help - there also seems to be an extra stitch before the SK2P...
There are some major errors in the Little Black Dress pattern from the book Runway Knits.

I just found a major error in the pattern for Little Black Dress. I’m on page 61 on the Next RS Row (Increases in the Middle) part of the pattern. I have 100 stitches. I’m supposed to increase in the middle and add 4 stitches per row 3 times more–that’s 12 stitches. AT THE SAME TIME I’m supposed to increase 2 stitches per row (one on each side) 4 times as well–thats another 8 stitches. 12 and 8 make 20 last time I checked. So that’s, what, 120 stitches? Pattern says I’m only supposed to have 114. What gives? So now I have to frog back to my last middle increase row and rip away as well as another 2 increases on the side. Damn, now I know why I’m supposed to read ahead in the pattern! Hope this saves some of you some heartaches….I think she meant do it 2 times more, not 3.

It gets worse. On page 60, I’m supposed to have 98 stitches for a Medium. Then I increase 4 times in the first middle increase row and it tells me I end up with 100 stitches on page 61. Uh, wouldn’t that be 102 stitches? What am I missing here folks? How do I fix this?
I'm doing some research on this. I'll get back to you shortly...
Perhaps the reply from dscales was posted to my question by mistake? I received an email letting me know there was a reply but this information does not match the pattern I'm referring to. Please let me know if you need additional information.



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