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It looks really good, too!  You did a wonderful job on that!  The yarn and pattern are both very appealing.  Good job on knitting in public, too.  :)
Oh, wow, that turned out lovely. I can see why everyone was commenting on the beautiful colors.

Hi everyone,


I'm in the middle of the Diatom Shawl in "tropical" and am at that strange point around row 61 where everything shifts one stitch and everything moves to the side at the end of the round. I've actually knit beyond that now, to about row 64 and am ripping back because the transition simply doesn't make sense to me. I searched around and it looks like there's no forum stuff on that pattern yet. That's what I get for jumping into something completely new. :)


Is anyone else dealing with that same spot? If so I'd be very interested in talking it out with someone. Let me know!


(Before I went on the search that lead me to this page, I spoke with a very irritable-sounding operator at Knit Picks who left me with the feeling that no one would get back to me, ever. If they do, I'll post what I learn here.)




Jen, I am not doing that shawl and do not have the pattern. But here is my suggestion. I hope you got the name of the customer service agent. KP really tries hard in customer service and it is not their policy to have customer service reps who act this way.

You should send a message to customer service stating how you were treated and that you would like an answer to your question.

Or you should send a message to either Jenny or Alison. Let them know about your experience and what your question is. If neither of them can help you, they will know who to put you in contact with. I suggest Jenny because I believe this falls more into her job description. If you remember the name of the customer service rep, please let her know about this. It is unacceptable for a customer service rep to even give you the impression that KP would not get back with you.

Let me know if you need any assistance.

Thanks, Cheryl.

She did say they'd get back to me in 2 days, although her tone seemed to say otherwise. I didn't get her name. I just figured that I was out of luck. 

It's a beautiful pattern, aside from that confusing middle bit. 

I will send a message to Jenny. Thanks!

It sounds like the repeats are just shifting one st. Do you use markers with your repeats? I'm a big believer in markers and counting. I know it slows down my knitting but I find myself frogging less when I count and use markers. I don't buy expensive ones. I just get split rings from the jewelry sections at the craft store. In the smaller sizes you can get about 150 for just a few dollars. I also like to have them fit close to my needles. So I have 6mm, 10mm and 14mm. I also use coiless safety pins. Sometimes they are called French jewelry pins. I prefer the ones that are just a tad longer than an inch. I have some that are 3/4" but they are hard to find and I'm not really happy with them.

Anyway, I think Jenny will be very helpful.


That is exactly what I figured out yesterday. I use the split rings, as well. Someone named Jasmine called me yesterday morning. I know that she was trying to be helpful, but she hadn't knit the pattern so couldn't really help me. I decided I was on my own, so tried again last night, this time shifting each marker to the left one space on those rows. Yes, it does take more time in some ways, but saves me time on the other end! I think that the thing that threw me was that there was no mention of the shift-everything-to-the-left part. It just says "then work repeats as normal to the end," which, for some reason, made me think that somehow nothing moved at that point. 


Thanks, Cheryl, for the moral support, and to Jenny, too. 


I'm so excited about this pattern - it's really beautiful, and sort of reads like one of those thriller novels that has a cliffhanger on each chapter. 

I am two months behind you, but had the same problem on the diatom and came to virtually the same conclusion.  Looking at my fabric I felt that the lines were not as clear and sharp as they should be - sort of like an intoxicated person trying to walk the straight line.........I also wondered if the problem was with the physical moving of the marker at the beginning of the row.  On the rows with the asterisks the marker has to be moved in order to slip the stitch(es) over.  I had been putting the marker back into the original position.  I began to get a feeling that once the stitch had been passed over, then the next round should start at the new spot. 

Have you gotten further in shawl to tell if we are on the right track? I'd like to know for SURE if this is the right answer before I rip out the last 8 rows.  Thanks.

If Jen doesn't answer you here, you might add her to your friends list to try to contact her that way.

Hope this is the correct place.... I'm currently "trying" to knit the Sipula Bag but have hit a snag....  I'm working the the triangle center pieces and it doesn't click in my brain...  Any advice, tricks or hints on how to work the four triangles.





Jerri, I suggest two places to ask about this. First, click here for discussion about this bag over in the Colorwork KAL. I haven't done this pattern myself or I would give you more of an answer.

Also, we just started a new KAL — Ask the Fairy Godknitters. You might start a discussion there. We think this will be a good place to ask questions of all sorts. I think since this KAL is new, you will certainly get a response there.

Has anyone knitted the Elwood E. Elephant yet?  I am thinking about doing it for a new baby.  Her nursery is Dr. Seuss.  I thought it would make a nice toy/room decoration.



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