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Teri, I think the repeat is actually 18 + 1. I had this same confusion. To figure the repeat, add up the stitches between the stars, that's the easy part. But - in the last repeat of each row, stitches are actually subtracted. For example, row two. Each repeat ends K3, but the last repeat will be short a stitch, so it says, "ending K2".

It's important to realize that when it says, (for another example, row 10)

K6, *p1 (k1, p1) 3 times, k11, rep from *, ending k6 -

that last k6 is not an additional 6 stiches. It's actually saying, "you won't have the full k11, you'll be 5 short, but don't worry, just k6 instead."

I hope this makes sense. If not, long story short, the repeat is 18 + 1. It works, I knit it!

That said, I'm having trouble telling right side from wrong side on this sweater, and i need to know before I start the back shaping. Anyone have insight?
Thanks so much. It is so simple now that you told me..I just didn't figure it out.
I'm working on the Mossy Diamonds Coat pattern and I'm doing the armhole shaping and collar increases at the same time. My question is the pattern reads:

AT THE SAME TIME, on row 9 of armhole decreases, inc for collar as follows:
RS: Inc 1 st in pattern at beg of every 4th row 12 times.

So I'm on row 9 of the armhole decreases ready to start the collar increases. Do I do my first collar increase on this row or count 3 more rows and do the increase on the 4th row after row 9?

Thanks for any help you can give me. This has been a very challanging pattern for me.
I love knitpicks. I am new to knitting , but have been crocheting forever. I recently bought the cabled yoke coat pattern. What does it mean to 'work even in pattern?' Thanks.
It means keep right on doing what you're doing. Keep doing the pattern, but don't increase or decrease or do anything else.
I would like to make the Candle Flame Scarf but the pattern only gives directions for casting on the shawl. How many do I cast on for the scarf? How would a different number of cast on stitches affect how the pattern is worked?
The scarf is just one repeat of the chart, so you'd cast on 57 stitches.
Oh, now I see! Thank-you so much for clearing this up for me, can't wait to cast on! Think I'll CO today!
i bought the knock your socks off felted bowls pattern a while ago and picked it up recently to try it out only to find that there's no indication of the number of stitches you need to cast on to start the project. given that i'm not using the knit picks yarn called for in the pattern, i'm not sure how how large or small casting on through 4 color repeats is with the memories yarn. if anyone can provide me a suggested number of stitches, i'd be very grateful!
On page 6 of the current catalog, there's a beautiful Fair Isle swatch. It's also shown on Page 2. Which pattern and yarns were used?
That's an Autumn Rose Pullover swatch in the original colorway.
Do you have corrected charts for 2 at a time socks. Storey publishing has posted corrected charts. but I can't read the files.


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