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Hi Meg,

Knitting is all about learning new techniques, thats half the fun!

To sew the panels together I would choose one coordinating color of yarn and use it throughout the entire project.

You can use a different yarn to sew your panels together, possibly a coordinating color in a fingering weight, but the fluffiness of Suri Dream works in your favor by helping to mask your stitches.

As for using the mattress stitch to sew your panels together, there are no hard and fast rules that you MUST use this to sew your panels together, this is the method the designer chose to put them together, it's a good choice as the stitch has alot of give in it making the finished project have more stretch along the seams. But, if you are more comfortable using a whip stitch or grafting the panels together, then by all means use that method.
I'm finally ready to dive into my Little Box of Socks. My only problem is that the pattern chosen by my neighbor is given for med child, med woman and a larger. She can almost wear my 10-year-old daughter's size 3 shoes. There isn't a size guideline or sizing chart given with LBOS to tell me what equates to a med. child or med. woman's size so I'm not sure which to use. Anyone know?
Which pattern are you knitting? Is there information about the length of the foot between the heel and the toe? That is the area that you would customize to make the sock fit a specific size.
Thanks for the information. Can you help clarify, or direct me to a tutorial, that explains how to do mattress stitch with garter stitched pieces? Thanks again.
Hi Meg... check out the tutorial here on the KP Knitting Community... this should help you... --Kim
Actually, here is a tutorial on how to do the mattress stitch on garter stitched pieces. Scroll down, the tutorial is called "Invisible vertical seaming on garter stitch".
Thank you, this was very helpful.
I purchased the pattern Cabled Yoke Coat a few months ago- I just received the revised edition a few days ago.
I have a couple of questions about the revised pattern. I am knitting the 40" bust size.
1st of all-- are there really no increases in the gussets??
And 2ndly- how many stitches are there suppose to be in between cables- right before you reach the gussets?? I want to make sure that after all this hard work that I won't come out uneven..
Thank you for any help you can give me. I would be most appreciated.
Hi there - that's correct, there are no actual increases in the gussets. The gusset shape is formed by moving the stitches, but no more are added! There are no stitches between the cables before the gussets - hopefully I'm understanding you correctly - but they are just standard 3-over-3 cables until each set of three stitches starts to 'travel' on either side of the gusset shape. Hopefully that answers your questions!

I have a question/comment about the video reviews of books. I'm not sure if I chose the right category to write this...
I have only watched a few book reviews, so I'm not sure if it's the same on them all- but I was wondering if you could include the sizes that the items are made in. Since I'm a bigger gal- I have been disappointed after getting a book only to find out that there are no options for my size. It is not that hard to just make it bigger so it will fit, but it would be nice to know ahead of time what I'm going to get. I don't live near a city where I can browse a bookstore for these books. I want to rely on your video reviews to explore the patterns within. I would really appreciate that information. See what you can do? Thanks. -Peggy
Dear Peggy,

Thank you for your suggestion to add sizes to our book reviews. I have passed it to the reviewers.

Customer Service
GRRRRRRRRRRRRR I just recieved the kit for the Montavilla Market Bag, which I cannot wait to start.........BUT FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a knitter who prefers to use the center pull piece of yarn from the center of the skein rather than try to use a Nostapine?(sp) or another tool to rewind the skein......which for me takes some skill I still have to acquire!!!!! I find it distracting using a ball of yarn that has to unwind by rolling around on the floor or in a large bowl, much less using 4 balls sequentially as you do in this pattern.
I COULDN'T find the center pull yarn end without having to almost turn the whole ball inside out!!! Isn't there some one else besides me that likes to use that yarn end.....I am now so frustrated with all the balls of yarn I now have to rewind into a usable ball that I want to put the kit aside! Just a suggestion.......please, if possilbe, consider another way of packaging/winding these balls into an easier way of using them.....if I am the only one who has this problem, I am sorry,,,,I will begin this pattern AFTER I try to make them easier to use.


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