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When I did the provisional cast on for the sipalu bag I purled the row as I picked up the stitches. My daughter says just to purl the forst row and go on. Will this cause a problem for me later on. I am ready to start the pattern and want to do it now.

Please reply as soon as you can.
Hi Karen,
For these Provisional COs you want to work your first row (in the working yarn) as the first right side row in the piece - so in this case, it would be knit. As long as there is a seamless look when you unravel the cast on and pick up those stitches, though, it shouldn't matter. Good luck!
I'm looking for the pattern Toe to Top Striped Socks they were designed by Kelley. The yarn used was Dancing and a picture was in an old catalog. I want to try the unique construction since it is knit along the length of the sock. It doesn't appear that the pattern is still on the site.
I'm not sure about that particular pattern, but there are two different two up socks on this page:
This pattern is being reknit in a current yarn. As soon as it's complete it will again be available on the website. Thanks! -Kim
I love the look of the Montavilla tote kit, but I'm from a town called "Montville" so I may be biased ;). When it says it comes with a pattern for two totes, does it mean there's two different patterns or just that there's enough yarn for two bags? Also, I can't tell from the photo, but are all four colors used in one bag, or is it a two and two kind of thing?

Hi Sally!

The kit contains one pattern, which uses all 4 colors of the yarn to acheive a gradient effect. The kit comes with enough yarn to make the bag twice.

Hope this helps!

That's exactly the info I was looking for, thanks! I can't wait to make the bag!
I am working on the Sock cocktail pattern from Knit Picks. I am working from the toe up. The gusset directions don't make sense. When the gusset is finished on side is on a slant. I think that this pattern is wrong any info on errors. I have taken it out twice and I am ready to throw it out the window help.

Hi Barbara,

When working a gusset, the increases will cause the instep portion of the foot and the heel and ankle portions to 'slant' away from each other - is that what you mean?

i love kp and have done the market bag which came out great and just started the shawl kit. can't wait to try move patterns out.
This isn't necessarily a problem with the pattern, but a problem with my inexperience at finishing. Any direction would be greatly appreciated. I am using the Knit Picks pattern "Sweet Dreams Throw" and am at the point of finishing. My question is this: How do you sew the strips together with different colored yarns? Also, the yarn is so fine and fluffy I am finding it hard to do this in mattress stitch. Plus, don't you use mattress stitch for stockinette, not garter, which this is in? Yes, I am new to knitting but have gotten so far on this I hate to give up now. Thanks.


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