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This is merely an odd event on the website, but after "viewing more images" from Selbuvotter, putting the book in my cart led me to this page: It did end up in my cart, though.
Our shopping cart is a little buggy - the IT guys are working hard on it and we expect to have a new improved one in a few months. I had something similar to this happen to me (except it jumped me to the magic loop page when I put something in my cart), and the guys said it was probably an old jump page saved in my cache. You might want to try clearing your cache.
Is it too late to offer suggestions for the Shopping Cart?

I'd love to be able to:

~ keep the quantity of the item when it is moved to the "later" section and be able to add to that quantity if I'm gonna need more of that item before I actually place an order for it
~ to have a 1-5 star rating, or something, for the things in my "later" section... to help me remember which things I wanted most from that very long list
~ be able to link back to the original description directly from the "later" section when I can't remember exactly why I added that to my cart in the first place
Thanks Star, these are great ideas. I'll pass them on to our IT department.
If you're getting a totally new cart system, it may not matter, but the cart now buggily claims I'm saving stuff for later rather than adding it. However, this seems to only be a message and the item was added to my cart.

Another suggestion for the new carts: checkboxes to save items for later and remove from cart. (e.g. Say I have Shimmer, WotA, Imagination, Simply Cotton, Comfy Sport and the book Selbuvotter in my cart, but I only want to order the book and get the yarn later. Checkboxes would enable me to select the yarns and then click a "Remove items from cart" button)
Thanks for the ideas - I'll pass them on to IT. We're so excited that getting a new shopping cart is on the horizon.
Maybe I'm not understanding what you've described, but you can click the plus sign on the far right of any item and it is moved to the bottom of the cart as a "saved for later" hold. You can then move it back into the active upper section by hitting the plus sign on the far right again... it doesn't currently save the number of items more than one when you save for later though.

... is that what you meant or did I misunderstand?

I have also noticed I'm getting a "item was saved for later" when it has actually been added to the cart... that's a really new thing, cuz I'm always adding stuff to my cart for now and for later and have only noticed it in just the last week or so...n
Would it be possible to consider including pattern size range information in book descriptions? I've recently purchased several books which featured patterns no larger than 40-42". While I can do the math and resize, knowing the range ahead of time would have led me to make different buying choices. Thanks.
Yes, that is a good idea. We will work on adding that information to book descriptions.
A question regarding the sock books available at KnitPicks - which books are most friendly to toe-up knitters (any method)?

I prefer knitting magic loop, but I know that pretty much any toe-up pattern can be done any method. I have no clue how to begin converting a cuff-down to a toe-up.
The only challenge with converting cuff down to toe up is the heel section. I would recommend that you knit Tina's free toe-up pattern first. Once you understand how to make a good toe-up heel, then it will be easy to convert other patterns. You can use the same body stitches but substitute Tina's heel.

With all the sock books on sale, I wanted to make sure that I'd be able to knit the patterns in anything that I bought. This helps a lot. :)


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