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Has anyone knitted the Elwood E. Elephant yet?  I am thinking about doing it for a new baby.  Her nursery is Dr. Seuss.  I thought it would make a nice toy/room decoration.


Here is the ravelry link to the project, in case that helps anyone with your question. Cute toy!
If you could buy only one Elizabeth Zimmerman book, what would you choose?  I want to put one on my wishlist, but can't decide which one?

Ooh, that would be hard to choose. I can narrow it down to three:

  1. The Opinionated Knitter
  2. Knitting Workshop
  3. Knitter's Almanac, The Commemorative Edition

But I really suggest getting all of them eventually.

What do you want from the book? I mean, are you looking to learn new techniques, patterns, etc. or are you looking to glean insights into EZ's life? Each of the books that Cheryl mentions have different purposes in mind. All are wonderful and well worth getting!

Knitting Workshop also comes in video format (DVD) which is a bit of a companion to the book. You could check your local library to borrow them and get an idea of what it covers before purchasing them.

Knitting Around is a fascinating look into her life and how she "discovered" her special way of knitting. It has patterns dispersed between diary-like entries regarding her life and travels as a young woman. I love all her books and have most of them.

Also, her daughter, Meagan, has authored quite a few as well. Good Luck! It's a tough choice for just one....

Excellent suggestion on looking at them at the local library before deciding which to get. And excellent descriptions of the books.

Thanks for the suggestions.  I don't really know what I want from them.  It's just that she's a classic, and everyone talks about her, so I want something by her.  Maybe I'll end up collecting them all.

Has anyone here knit or is familiar with the Thick Knit Car Coat pattern?

Sorry! But I don't know anything about this pattern.

The link to the errata already on the site is HERE.  You might have to scroll down to the pattern- they're in alphabetical order on the page. 

Pickle!!!!!  We miss you!  :o)


Already checked the errata and while it clears up some things that I had figured out, it did not for the issue at hand.  :(

Thanks, though, it was the first place I thought of as well.  :)




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