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Did you ever get an answer ? I just bought the yarn to make this sweater in the mineral colorway and don't know which color replace which from the book . I would love some help if you have the answer .
Has anyone got any tips on how to read the charts for the colors of the Autumn Rose Pullover from simply shetland 4 book? I just recieved my shipment from KnitPicks and already I'm lost. Mind you, I am not new to knitting, but, the way this is charted (colors) have me stumped. Thanks in advance for any tips you can give me. A knitalong would also be nice for this pattern :o)

I had trouble with the black and white charts in that book too. You have to read the brackets on the right for the color substitutions, and to make matters more confusing the chart is inverse colors, meaning the black boxes are the lighter background colors and the white ones are the darker foreground colors. What I ended up doing when I knit mine was recharting it in color in Excel. You could also do it with just graph paper or a similar software program. Making my own chart acquainted me with the pattern, and it meant that I only had to look at my size while knitting, and I could easily make any modifications (like raising the neckline). Hope that helps!

Thanks Melissa! Now to make myself rechart it, LOL!
I think this is one of the most wonderful ideas I've read. I've never used a chart before and am really grateful that you shared such an easy way for me to help myself. Thanks!
I just LOVE the thick knit car coat pattern. Do you think it would be hard to modify the pattern to do in the round? I would much prefer to do so much knitting in the round but the flare sort of scares me. Would you try it? Or just do the pattern as is?
Actually, on page 15 of the fall 2008 Knit Picks catalog (the current issue with swatches on the front) we have instructions for how to change flat knitting to knitting in the round.

It is pretty easy to change a pattern to be knit in the round. One thing that you might want to consider in the case of the Thick Knit Car Coat though, is that it will be very heavy towards the end when you are knitting with the weight of the entire coat hanging off of your needles. It also would make the sweater less portable.
Have the colors for the alternate colorways for the Autumn Rose Pullover pattern been posted elsewhere on this site? I ordered the Simply Shetland book and the yarn, and am having difficulty determining which colors go where, simply by referencing the picture on the website. I'm using the Original colorway.
I have not been able to follow the pattern bar code 50647 peplum cardigan I have tried many variations tried making several charts in different ways none look anything like the picture
why isn't a chart included in your patterns anyway especially one which seems to be so complicated
Helen, I can't even *find* the Peplum Cardigan pattern on the KnitPicks site. All links return an error, and no searches on 'peplum' return the desired pattern. Has anyone heard why it was removed? Since you guys were able to download, it was there once upon a time.

You don't suppose it was removed so that errors could be corrected, or instructions clarified?

Thanks ~
You are right. We removed the pattern because it had errors and we are redesigning the Peplum Cardigan. When we put it back on the website, the pattern should be error free.
Would some one please check this pattern (Shawl collar peplum cardigan). I haven't gotten the lace pattern to work out either. First for my size the pattern has me cast on 127. The repeat is 18 with 2 on each end. If I use say 7 repeats (18 x 7 = 126) and then add the 4 stitches. Well I added stitches to the cast and tried again but then the rest of the directions for the lace didn't fall into place either....Please let me know what I am doing wrong. I really love this cardigan


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