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From the pictures and description, it appears that it may be knit using a stranded two color technique. Have you done stranded knitting before? If not, I wouldn't tackle a sweater as my first stranded project. Maybe a hat first to get to know the stranding process?
Sarah, That is an excellent idea...maybe a nice hat that would match up with the sweater. ♥s
If I were you, I'd join Ravelry if you haven't already. You can ask questions of people who have already worked through the specific pattern you're trying to figure out. I've found it extremely useful to read the notes of people who have already done the pattern.
Thanks Laura!

That's a really great idea! I also found a blog of a knitter who did this project in the round instead of flat. I also thought about emailing her. I'll definitely join ravelry though ;)

Have a good one :)
I'm an advanced beginner starting my first sweater...the Agatha Cardigan. Has anyone finished this? I'm having trouble visualizing a section of the pattern. Please email me ( if you're able to mentor me through this.

Thank you!
Hi Angela,

Are you a member of Ravlery? There are several people who have finished their Agatha that you might want to check out

Hope this helps! it's a beautiful sweater
I am doing the Knit Pics "Butterfly Garden Socks" and they are fantastic. But I am confused on what "NO STITCH, Placeholder-no stitch made" means. I am at the butterfly part of the pattern. Do I just slide that stitch to the right needle?
Rita, I do not have this pattern, but I can tall from knitting other lace chart patterns, that when you have a NO STITCH, you just go on to the next stitch...pretend like that note isn't even there. Do not slip the stitch... just knit your next stitch. I know this is confusing, but trust me, it will work! Hope all goes well. --Susan
I am stumped as to how to read the Ladybug chart in the Backyard Garden kit. It starts out by saying to cast on 8 stitches with black yarn but I only see 4 stitches on the chart and then I continue to be lost. Is the black bottom knitted and then the red (so stumped by that part) knitting in another piece? Thanks for any help.
I just finished knitting the Yvette Beret. Since I have done entrelac several times before, I knit the hat with only a few problems. I have fielded several questions both here and on Ravelry with regard to the Decreasing Rectangle Round 2: Left Leaning portion of the pattern.The instructions for Row 3-4 and the final two rows say to repeat Row 1, which says to PU and K5, ssk. Pickup should only be done on the first row of every entrelac rectangle/square. This also occurs on the instructions for the Decreasing Rectangle Round 4: Left Leaning. An errata needs to be issued for these errors as many knitters are having problems with the pattern. Thank you! ♥s
I'm making my first sweater with the "Design your first sweater" kit. It's for hubby. His chest measures 38" but his belly is 40". He wants it loose. Do I use size 40 or 42? Don't tell him I gave anounced his measurements on the world wide web.
If he likes it loose, I would probably go with the size 42 :)



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