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I am trying to replicate the Lillia Hyrna shawl posted on the site. I purchased the yarn per your recommendations and I'm curious as to whether or not you used the yarn doubled throughout the entire shawl. I could swear I read this somewhere but I'm not at a loss as to where. I purchased four skeins of the orange color and two of the gold/yellow.

I see that most of the posts here are pretty old, but I do hope someone will respond to this.

Helen, I looked at the KP information on this shawl (which by the way is lovely), but I do not have that particular book, so I don't have the pattern. I am not sure about whether the yarn is doubled or not. I do not work at KP, but am just a community member... hopefully someone from KP will see this question soon to answer your question. Sorry I could not be of more assistance. --S
Helen, I've looked at the pattern in The Knitter's Book of Wool. [What a fabulous book!], as well as doing a search for "Lillia" on the knitting community site, including in the tutorials and on the retail site and I cannot find anything that mentions using the yarn doubled. Why don't you send a message to customer service to have them confirm one way or the other? Happy Knitting, ♥c

Hi Helen,

We did hold the yarn doubled through the pattern - this is probably where you saw it, it's on the description:

Shown in double stranded Queen Anne and Golden Glow Shadow Tonal

Thanks, Stacey. We can always depend on you to help us with this kind of info. ♥c
Hi Helen, I've got the book with the pattern and I won't be able to check for about an hour - will get back to you this evening Joan
Back sooner than I thought. I went to the sight and I don't think that the yarn is used double. My impression is two colors are mentioned because the shawl is done in two colors. In the book it doesn't mention using two strands. The pattern is written for lace weight yarn and the gauge is 18 stitches and 30 rows = 4" using 3.75mm. From this info I would assume that it is single strand. Hope this helped. You can go to the KP site by entry the name of the shawl on the search line.
Good Luck, Joan
Thanks, I have the book and I purchased the yarn according to the recommendations in the catalog and on the web. This is puzzling. I'll try the customer service route. Thanks for all the responses.
I've been working on Carmen Banana, and I've made it to her face shaping. I'm now on my third time of starting the short rows, as I keep having issues. After doing the short rows in the burgundy, you start picking up the wraps and knitting them with their stitch and then wrapping and turning again. When I come back to that stitch, it's been wrapped twice, right? So do I pick up both wraps when I come back to it and knit (or purl) them all together? Or what do I do? I just seem to be getting holes, but only one the one side and I don't know if this is the problem or not.
Crystal check out this and this to see if Cat Bordhi can help!
Cheryl - question. I was re-watching this video for the umpteenth time tonight, and scrolled down to look at some of the comments. Someone posted something that really made me stop and think. It is the 1st question about picking up all the wraps or doing them row by row. Do you remember what you did on your Mr. Foster? Did you pick up all the wraps on the "left side" of the tail and then work around to pick up all the wraps on the "right side" of the tail, as opposed to picking up the wraps row by row? I know you gave your monkey a rockford redheel rear end, but was wondering if you did yours row by row.
Wendy, my brain is currently mush! I can't remember anything right now. We are preparing something for an appeal and my computer crashed on Friday night. I mean deader than a door nail. I had just printed out my last draft when it fried itself. Had to get on the gimp desktop, scan it in, convert it to Word and spent the rest of Saturday night/Sunday morning reformatting the entire document. So I can't even begin to think about short rows until next week. Give me a reminder because I will probably forget. Sorry. ♥c


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