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Is there any more detailed information/pictures about making the magic loop socks? I don't understand the first part (after casting on) where it says "pick up 12 sts through the back purl bump." Thanks!
I recently purchased "Knit Kimono" by Vicky Square. I am preparing to knit the Komon on page 71. I started knitting my swatch this morning and ran into a problem with the pattern stitch used for the swatch.

The pattern stitch reads:
Pattern Stitch (multiple of 2 stitches +1)
Row 1:(RS) K1, *yo, k2 rep from * -- 1 st inc's per patt rep
Row 2: (WS) P1, *p3, pass the first st of the 3 over the other 2 and off the needle, rep from * -- 1 st dec'd per patt rep.
Row 3: *K2, yo, rep from * to last st, k2 - 1 st inc'd per patt rep
Row 4: *P3, pass the first st of the 3 over the other 2 and off the needle, rep from 8 to last st, p1 -- 2 st dec's per patt rep.

My problem is with Row1 - I think these instructions may be in error, because they do not produce the needed increase to keep this pattern even. What should I do? Should Row 1 and 3 be identical? I'm lost. Help

Also, what do you do when you atart a pattern that has an obvious error like this one? I've had this happen before and just winged it.
I just bought the Wrapped in Comfort, Knitted Lace Shawls and I wanted to make a shawl for my flower girl, who will be 8 in August. My wedding is in the fall, and the colors are all autumny colors you can think of. Below is a picture of her dress (as well as mine), does anyone have a suggestion in which shawl I should knit up? And what kind/color yarn I should use!?!?! I need to make a decision fast!!!! I thought this looked like it would go with your dresses. I think it could be modified to fit a little girl.
I really enjoy working with Gloss - either lace weight or fingering as suited to your pattern. The gloss lace bare is not white enough for a white dress - it would probably look yellow. However, there are other "fall" colors available in both weights or you could dye your own color to match/coordinate with whichever color dress your flower girl is wearing.

I'd like to add one final thought - If she's not familiar with shawls and would be fiddly with it, you might try a lace shrug instead. I made a nice lace shrug with shine sport for my neice who is a junior bridesmaid for another neice's wedding this spring. She loved it immediately and has already worn it to church a couple of times to "try it out".

Best of luck in your search and for a lovely wedding!
Yes, our Bare yarns are undyed natural sheep color. You would want a bleached white to match a wedding dress or another color to compliment your wedding colors.
Will Knitpicks be selling the new sock book "The Eclectic Sole"?
We're actually doing research on that book right now!
The free pattern, Queen of Diamonds fingerless gloves, calls for 1 skein of gloss sock yarn. Is this for one glove or both? I've been knitting for 8+ years, but I haven't ever knitted gloves, so I'm not sure how much yarn it will take.

Thanks for any help in advanced!!
Both gloves can be made with one skein.

Thanks :)
I have never tried knitting socks or gloves. I really want to knit the Queen of Diamond fingerless gloves. Can you tell me what skill level this pattern requires? I am afraid of getting in over my head!

Thanks 8-))
Hi D,

I would say this pattern would be good for intermediate knitters - if you've never knitted socks or gloves, it might take a bit of concentration, unless you've done other small circumference knitting. There's a lovely lace pattern that would be easier if you have had lace experience. :)

I hope this helps!
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