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You would start with stitch 1 of the pattern. The pattern stays straight but you are shaping the sweater around it.
Thanks for the answer Kim. I couldn't remember the name of the pattern but I've played around on the internet and found it.

Thanks again.
I just got my May catalog, and I LOVE the Little Black Dress on page 19, but I have a question. I have always admired knitted dresses and skirts, but have never made one because of a fear that it would become, as my mother would say, "butt sprung". In other words, it stretches around your hips when you sit down, doesn't spring back when you stand up, and you're left with a baggy, droopy seat. Does anyone have any experience making skirts and dresses that could speak to this? Also, it seems that a cotton yarn would be especially bad about not springing back, but the dress the model is wearing is of Cotlin. Does the linen counteract the droopiness of the cotton in this yarn? Thanks!
Hi Nancy. The Rona and Janet lace patterns come from Gloria Penning, a master lace knitter here in Missouri and my friend. She has just completed a bridal veil for her grand-
daughter which is a knockout. I think what has happened is that Knitpicks contracted with her to republish these patterns--available in her books--and has recently recontracted. You will probably hear from them with an explanation. Susan
I have a question about a pattern in the "Lace Style" book. When I click on the book to view more images, there is a white shawl in the upper right corner of the first page of images. I want to get the book but can't just yet and wondered if someone could tell me what the pattern name is or what the pattern technique is called.

Thanks much in advance!
Sure! It's called the "Lily of the Valley Shawl," and the pattern is by Nancy Bush. It uses an Estonian lace motif for the middle rectangle, and it has a garter stitch border.
Thanks so much!

Has anyone knit the Little Princess Child's Vest? I'm having a little difficulty in following the pattern and wondered if there was an errata available.

Thanks for the help!

Tora in Chagrin Falls, Ohio
Actually, this isn't quite a problem with a's a problem FINDING an old pattern. I could have sworn that Knit Picks used to sell a pattern to an amazingly cute lace bed jacket, modeled not as a bedjacket by just as a cute top with jeans or whatever. I believe it used Merino Shadow. Now, naturally, I'm having trouble finding it. (I found two different bed jacket patterns after using unsurprisingly, "bed jacket" as a pattern search, but neither were the Right One.) Did I dream it up? It would be quite perfect for a present for a friend.
Hi Sarah, I think the pattern you might be looking for is Sweet Mary Jane by Celeste Culpepper. We carried that pattern for a while, but the rights have gone back to Celeste. I think you can get that pattern from her website at (she does ask for a donation to Yarn Harlot Knitters without Borders) hope this helps... --Kim
Is there any more detailed information/pictures about making the magic loop socks? I don't understand the first part (after casting on) where it says "pick up 12 sts through the back purl bump." Thanks!
I recently purchased "Knit Kimono" by Vicky Square. I am preparing to knit the Komon on page 71. I started knitting my swatch this morning and ran into a problem with the pattern stitch used for the swatch.

The pattern stitch reads:
Pattern Stitch (multiple of 2 stitches +1)
Row 1:(RS) K1, *yo, k2 rep from * -- 1 st inc's per patt rep
Row 2: (WS) P1, *p3, pass the first st of the 3 over the other 2 and off the needle, rep from * -- 1 st dec'd per patt rep.
Row 3: *K2, yo, rep from * to last st, k2 - 1 st inc'd per patt rep
Row 4: *P3, pass the first st of the 3 over the other 2 and off the needle, rep from 8 to last st, p1 -- 2 st dec's per patt rep.

My problem is with Row1 - I think these instructions may be in error, because they do not produce the needed increase to keep this pattern even. What should I do? Should Row 1 and 3 be identical? I'm lost. Help

Also, what do you do when you atart a pattern that has an obvious error like this one? I've had this happen before and just winged it.


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