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I recently recieved my Craftsman Afghan kit, and began working on it immediately (of course). I love it. The rosy colorway is so beautiful, and the construction is very interesting and unique. I'm having lots of fun with it, and of course looking forward to curling up under it when I'm done.

I do have a question, though. Is there any possibility of the Craftsman Afghan being offered in any other colorways? Or could you suggest one? I would love to make it in a blue / green sort of tropical colorway, or even in a neutral earth-toned one. The pattern is so versatile! I would most prefer new colorways being offered in kit form (for the sake of my budget, alas), but just a list of colors would be good too.
Hi Jenny,

At this time, we won't be releasing the pattern in any other colorways - once the kit sells out, we will more than likely release the pattern by itself. However, I think this patten is easy to substitute colors - I'm suggestion is to keep the neutral (Sandstrom, Fedora & Natural) and substituting the other colors (Woodlands Heather, Hollyberry,
Mulled Wine) for the colors you like - for blue/green tones, maybe Aquatic,Fern & Aegean. For neutral, maybe Tiramisu, Black, & Black Forest & mix & match with the other three neutrals (Sandstrom, Fedora & Natural)

hope this helps!
I noticed that Sandstorm is apparently about to stop being available. Are there plans to replace it with something similar?
Hmm, I didn't notice that before. I'll try to get more information but I don't think we will have new colors out in Suri Dream until next fall. Sorry!
I was unfortunately not quick enough to get one of the sock cocktail kits :( I am looking to get the pattern described in the kit (the choose your own cuff, heel, etc). Can I purchase the pattern as a stand alone product or is it a book I can purchase separately?
Hi Natil,

we do normally release the pattern separately after the kits sell out - I don't have an exact date for you yet though!

sometime ago I purchased grasshopper sock kit I have made a couple of patterns but I cannot for the life of me figure out the chart for the Braid pattern could someone please write this pattern out in longhand for me I woud be most grateful
I'm working on the Craftsman Afghan--with delight, I might add; the yarn is so soft--and I'm stumped by how to graft Chevron Panel 1 to Chevron Panel 2, i.e., live stitches to edge stitches. I know how to make a seam with edges and I can successfully complete a Kitchener stitch, but I can't find directions for joining live stitches to other-than-live. Suggestions?
When I made the afghan (and it turns out very beautiful and unbelieveably warm, although a little too small to be called an afghan; I would call it more of a lap robe. But it's still wonderful), I just did the way I would if I were picking up stitches along the edge. Only instead of picking up live stitches, I just grafted directly to the place where a stitch would go, as if the space you would pick a stitch up from is actually a stitch. Or, you could actually pick up the right number of live stitches along the side edge, then graft those, and the seam would be a little wider. I hope this makes sense. I guess the pattern is designed this way because sewing two edges together in a seam would be too narrow to look right, and crocheting the two edges together makes a big ridge. Grafting it is the right width, and it lies nice and flat. I hope you like this afghan/lap robe. I love mine, and I've actually ordered yarn for another one in different colors!
Thanks for the tip, Jenny. Knitpicks also responded to my query; they suggested using a whip stitch to join the panels, which works okay. I think I'll try your method for the second join. (Will this afghan be finished in time to give it as a Christmas present? Stay tuned!)
Is there any word on when we might see "Personal Footprints for Insouciant Sock Knitters" among Knit Picks's sock books?
Hi Arachnera,

Sorry we don't have an exact date or when or if we will get it :( Sorry! We're trying!



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