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I saw on a page somewhere the meaning of the word eratta but now I cant find it could someone tell mewhat it means again? I think they said something about it being a fancy word for something. thans Barb k.
Barbara, Errata for a book or a pattern means: a list of errors and their corrections inserted, usually on a separate page or slip of paper, in a book or other publication.
Many books after publication are found to have errors. The publisher and/or author will usually post those corrections on their own web pages. --Susan
Hi Barb,

It is a fancy word for mistakes.....
thanksuzi your a life saver!!!! could you please tell me how to do a knitted cast on? and I dont know how to do a top-down toe guess this old dog is getting to old for all this new fancy stuff but I do like to knit I just dont do all this fancy new stitches it takes me a while to catch on. I am more of a visual person. And I was wondering if you could help me find all the corrections to Carmen Bananas clothes??? When I ordered the Carmen Bananas kit I soon discovered there were all kinds of problems and having lots of trouble .
The pattern errata for Mr. Foster's clothes are here.

At the top of the page under the Learn tab, click on Tutorials... on that page there is a list of different items... Under Cast On... the Cabled Cast On is listed. Just click on it, and the instructions are right there.

There is also information on the tutorial page for socks, you may find what you need for the top down toe. Hope all this helps. --Susan
I purchased Couture Knits by Jean Moss from you quite sometime ago and have been working on knitting the collar for the pattern Imogen and am having some difficulty.
Here is the problem.
I’ve joined the shoulder seams and have come to the collar…..
(Front collar) The instructions say to pattern across 33 sts but there are only 16 sts on each front holder (per front shape shoulder)
Across the back of the sweater I have the recommended 32 sts
I’m obviously not understanding it so if you can help I would greatly appreciate it.
I love the design, it is absolutely beautiful! But I do need help....thank you!
Hi Suzi,

Unforuntatly I do not have a copy of the pattern to reference. However, I did find there is some errata for the book:


Also, when searching Ravelry, I did see that this sweater is the same sweater as a sweater from Rowan magazine.

Rapunzul (Ravelry link)

I'm sorry I wasn't much help!

Customer Serice
Thanks Stacey.

The errata is not the info I need (ichecked it out a long time ago)
Rapunzel is a bit different in the collar area......
I have emailed Jean a few times and have not gotten a response.
Since Knitpicks featured the sweater a year or so ago in your catalog I thought maybe the person who knitted it could help.
Chances are they no longer are working there....

Oh well, guess I'll never get to wear the sweater!
Hello All,

Stacey, once again thank you for your help. I decided to try and email Jean Moss again and lo and behold she emailed me back immediately, guess she had emailed me a while ago though I never received it(oh the world of cyberspace) any way she gave me the corrections I need to finish the sweater and this morning I started and am so excited.....I'll be able to wear it this winter after all!!!!

Thanks again for the community where we can post our thoughts and questions!

Hi Suzi,

I'm so glad you got the help you needed! Be sure to post pictures of it on the board! :)

Customer Service
I intensely dislike knitting cables, lace, and textured patterns from I. charts. I have tried and tried to like them, but I guess this old dog is just not up to those new tricks. I receive another knitting catalog and I noiced that it is now including the information as to whether a pattern is written or charted or like the Fiber Trends patterns I enjoy; both. I have thoughtof purchasing patterns or books, but don't do it because if the pattern is only charted I would never even try it
my reply is a little late but just wanted to say i agree whole heartedly now i always look at patterns to see if they offer the instructions along with the charts
i personally find the charts to hard to follow
i have tried many times but find i have to concentrate so much more which takes some of the relaxation i enjoy while knitting


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