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I intensely dislike knitting cables, lace, and textured patterns from I. charts. I have tried and tried to like them, but I guess this old dog is just not up to those new tricks. I receive another knitting catalog and I noiced that it is now including the information as to whether a pattern is written or charted or like the Fiber Trends patterns I enjoy; both. I have thoughtof purchasing patterns or books, but don't do it because if the pattern is only charted I would never even try it
my reply is a little late but just wanted to say i agree whole heartedly now i always look at patterns to see if they offer the instructions along with the charts
i personally find the charts to hard to follow
i have tried many times but find i have to concentrate so much more which takes some of the relaxation i enjoy while knitting
I poated this on another discussion but thought I would post it here also. I have been knitting now for about 50 years and learned to knit using standard written ou instuctions. Lately, so many f the patterns in the US utilize the chart format for instructions. I have tried and tried to like charts, but I truly hate them and find I am constantly having to rip out my work. It makes knitting so tedious for me. I would like to be able to order books or pattens from KP, but if the instructions only include charts I would be wasting my money or I would have to convert the patterm myself. I have noticed that another catalog is now including the pattern format in their catalog. They also include a skill level. I would be awesome if KP would also include this information. I frequently purchase British patterns on ebay as they are always, except for some colorwork, in written form.
In the QUICK SEED STITCH HOT WATER BOTTLE COVER pattern, it states the following: "Pick up cast-on stitches onto a second circular needle or just a few at a time with a double pointed needle. Knit 1 round, knitting each picked up stitch with one on your working needle to make hem."
I'm sorry but I can't picture this. Increase? Decrease? HELP, please!!! Thank you.
I have never personally done this myself, but this makes a hem, and is neither increasing or decreasing. What you are doing is making a hem... you pick up stitches on the "cast on edge" using a dpn, then you knit each picked up stitch together with each stitch that is on your needle. This will create a very need hem along the top of your hot water bottle cover. Yesterday's podcast covered this type of hem... you might want to listen to that... it might really help. --Susan
Thank you. I appreciate your advice.
Does anyone have the book Amigurumi Knits? I suspect the patterns use smaller needles than I normally knit with, and I'd like to get the book and needles together if that's the case, but nowhere in the description does it give a size range for the needles used in the book. I tried calling Knit Picks customer service, but there wasn't a copy of the book available for the girl to check. :( Specifically, I'm looking for what needle size(s) I'm going to need for the jackalope and Loch Ness monster, but I'll probably knit through the book eventually.
Hi Devin,

I happen to have a copy of the book available & all of the patterns seem to take worsted weight yarn & size 5 needles - both Nessie & the Jackalope I checked specifically. :D

Rule of thumb for most toys - go down about 2 needles sizes for the yarn you want to use. :) That way you can make the huge or tiny :)

Customer Service
Oh, thank you! Size 5 is just about the size I normally knit with, so that's PERFECT!
I’m having a hard time with the Knitters' Tools Bag kit! I have started the lining and am at a point that says “pick up the 18 stitches from the bag”…there are no live stitches on the bag at this point as everything to this step has said to BO all stitches except for the 17 stitches remaining on the lining.

I've looked on Ravelry and noticed several other questions about this step. Please help! I'm nearly done and already in love with my new bag and want to finish it up!

Thanks so much!

Hi Catrina,

I think you got the information from the Ravelry thread (unless there is 2 Catrinas working on this!). I apologize for the error - I am going to double check the information & get the errata up on the website. Let us know if you have further questions!

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Did you ever find a solution for this problem?


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