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All of these replies contain good advice... but I'm thinking that you are concerned about the yardage requirements - just guessing... I would say that the yardage would be no less than the DK weight yarn...of course... the pattern details... gauge, yarn requirements, etc. need to be taken into account.
I totally agree, Susan. Her yardage shouldn't be any more if her gauge is the same. If she is knitting the same pattern in lace weight instead of DK, her gauge could be substantially different. So then the size of the FO could be completely different making it either much smaller or larger than she wants.
I want to thank all who had suggestions.  I found a similer shawl the same size and guage so I think I will go with that yardage. It is what I would call a stole as it is rectangler so I can easily add repeats.  I'm swatching now and think it will be OK.
Oh, good. I'm glad you will be able to add repeats easily.
I'm wanting to make some socks with Chroma Fingering.  How many times does the color sequence repeat in a skein?  100 grams is normally enough for two socks, but I would like for them to sort of resemble each other, so I wouldn't want to use yarn where the colors don't repeat at all, or that repeat in the wrong place.
Excellent question. You might check with customer service on this.
Is Andean Silk being discontinued? Or will new colors be coming out?  I'd like to make the Kensington Hat and want a soft worsted for it.  Would Swish be a good choice?  Or Wool of the Andes?

Susan, the Swish Tonals look beautiful.  I wonder, though, if the color variation would compete with the pattern.  What do you think?  Can you tell me if Swish is softer/drapier than WOA?  Thanks for your help.


I vote for Swish rather than WotA. I love WotA but I think Swish would be better for a hat.
I'm planning a project in Aloft.  Are there new colors planned for it soon?  Just so I know whether to order now or wait and see about the new colors.

I am making a scarf with WOtA.  It seems very itchy.  Will washing it make it less so?  Would adding lanolin help?

Thanks so much for any thoughts,


Sue, WotA does not have a low micron count so it can be scratchy next to the skin. Washing it may soften it up a bit. I'm sure either a conditioner or lanolin may help. But if you want something softer next to the skin, you might try something like merino. Merino has a low micron count which means it will be softer next to the skin. Wool has tiny scales on the outer layer of the fiber. The more scales the lower the micron count. This means the scales are closer together and so they don't stick out as much and feel softer. Another fiber that is usually soft next to the skin is alpaca. Superwash wools also tend to be softer because the scales are "glued" together to prevent felting when washed in a machine.

One of my sisters told me she wanted me to knit her hat with Karabella's Aurora 8 because it wasn't scratchy since it is cotton. I started laughing and told her it was wool, but it is merino wool. She wouldn't believe me until I showed her the label.

Hope this helps you understand a bit about different fibers. You might consider looking to see if your local library has The Knitter's Book of Wool by Clara Parkes or The Fleece & Fiber Sourcebook by Deborah Robson and Carol Ekarius. They are both excellent sources for understanding the different kinds of fiber.


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