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Is there a KnitPicks equivalent to Noro?


I also want to knit the Revontuli shawl. I was wondering if the Stroll Chroma would be a good substitute for either of these yarns called for in the pattern:  Aade Lõng,Evilla'r or Kauni's.


thank you!


Hi Nellie!


As for Noro, is there is specific yarn line you would like a recommendation for? Knit Picks has Chroma (available in fingering and worsted weight) which has long, gradual color changes similar to the colors of Noro. It is a bit different as far as fiber blends go - it is a super soft merino blended with a bit of nylon for added strength. It is also a single, and much softer than any of the Noro yarns in my opinion.


Are you on ravelry at all? I looked up the Revontuli shawl you asked about, and it looks like people have used the Chroma Fingering yarn for the yarn and the projects look beautiful! It looks like most people used 2 balls of Chroma Fingering, but a few made smaller sized Revontuli shawls with one ball. You can click here to see the projects that used the chroma yarn for this shawl.

Hope this helps and happy knitting!

My apartment has developed a persistent clothes moth problem (aided and abetted no doubt by my sizeable yarn stash and finished projects collection). I'm experimenting with non-wool yarns. I use acrylic for charity knitting since most charities only accept easy care yarns, but for myself I want more choices. I tried corn, am casting on bamboo and have purchased some milk yarn. Have you considered adding more non-traditional fibers, especially in finer weights? I'm still looking for a good laceweight not attractive to moths since I may have to give up my hanks of Alpaca Cloud and Shadow.

Can I add to your request?  Does anybody know of an environmentally-friendly alternative to chemical mothballs, like a plant oil or something similar?

Is Crayon going away???  I noticed all the colors are being discontinued.  I really like this yarn for all my baby gifts!  I hope it is not being discontinued :-(



Hi Sue,

Sorry for the bad news! Crayon has been discontinued for close to about a year now.


 am looking for information on which Knit Picks yarn to use for an afghan. Found a lovely pattern, and want to make it as a gift, but would like to also make it in better yarn, than just the retail acrylic. Any suggestions as to which yarn?  I would like it to be soft and squishy, to cuddle up with.  I did post on the main room,and on one staff members, but have received minimal replies. Any information you could give me would be greatly appreciated.Thank you.

Ooh, I think I would suggest Swish. It is 100% superwashed merino.

Just a quick question... I have an absolutely beautiful pattern I want to try. It calls for Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK yarn... Any suggestions on a good substitute? Thanks so much in advance!!

Have you looked at Capra? It is 85% merino and 15% cashmere and is DK weight. I haven't used it personally but have heard good things about it.

I agree with Cheryl, your closest match would be Capra. The main difference is that unlike Cashmerino, Capra has no microfiber content (only natural fibers - merino & cashmere) which makes it a hand wash only yarn. However, if that doesn't matter, then Capra would be a wonderful option :)

I looked at that but need 18 balls... at $8 a piece that equals way more money than I have... :(  What do you think about the "swish" yarn? That's still going to be pricy but closer to what I can afford...



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